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Study Tips To Help Prepare You For Your Next Medical Exam

12 Medical Mnemonic Techniques (With examples)

Mnemonic techniques are valuable learning aids that help recall and retain important information. These techniques date back to ancient Greece and have stood the test of time as people have experienced success using them to recollect crucial details.  Medical mnemonic techniques will assist you in remembering medical terms, concepts, and facts. These techniques include acronyms, […]

How Big Can A Single Memory Palace Be?

How Big Can A Single Memory Palace Be?

Joshua Foer, the author of the book Moonwalking with Einstein, once said, “When information goes ‘in one ear and out the other,’ it’s often because it doesn’t have anything to stick to.” As researchers learn more about the brain and how it stores information, the more frequently you’ll hear it referred to as a muscle. That’s […]

Thirteen Of The Best Books On The Memory Palace

Thirteen Of The Best Books On The Memory Palace

It’s possible to remember everything in your textbook using the memory palace technique. Students around the globe struggle to recall what they learned in class, especially incredibly long essential lists, but not if you use the ancient Greek memory technique. Final exams are right around the corner. Have you built your memory palace yet? To […]

How To Remember What You Read Using Mnemonic Devices

A huge exam is coming up, and you’re studying and reading the material carefully. For some reason, the next day at your study group, you have trouble thinking back to what you read the night before. Are you frustrated and nervous about having difficulty remembering what you read? By learning the different mnemonic devices, you […]

Memory Palace

How To Create a Memory Palace To Remember Information

The Method of Loci, or memory palace, is one of the oldest mnemonic devices that helps you to memorize anything from your grocery list to information needed for presentations or exams. In our previous article, What is the Method of Loci, we explained that “loci” is the plural form of the word locus, meaning location. […]

method of loci

What is the Method of Loci?

Mnemonic devices are little tricks that help you memorize important information. The Method of Loci is one of the most popular and well-known techniques that dates way back to ancient Greece. In Latin, Loci means is means location, or place. Many times you’ll hear the Method of Loci referred to as the memory palace. In […]