Thirteen Of The Best Books On The Memory Palace
Thirteen Of The Best Books On The Memory Palace

Thirteen Of The Best Books On The Memory Palace

Thirteen Of The Best Books On The Memory Palace

It’s possible to remember everything in your textbook using the memory palace technique. Students around the globe struggle to recall what they learned in class, especially incredibly long essential lists, but not if you use the ancient Greek memory technique.

Final exams are right around the corner. Have you built your memory palace yet? To review, a memory palace, or the Method of Loci, is a known mnemonic device that helps you remember information in great detail. You begin by picturing a familiar place and assigning pieces of information you want to remember to items in that place. You then continue assigning information in the order in which you come into contact with these objects. By the time you’ve completed building your memory palace, you have a step-by-step way of remembering something as important as a list of authors in order of their deaths. 

Here are a few more extra resources to add to your library to perfect your memory palace: a list of some of the best books on the memory palace technique.

1. Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive by Kevin Horsley

The number one book on Amazon about memory is from world record holder Kevin Horsley. In 2013, Horsley broke the record of being able to remember 10,000 digits of Pi. That takes some serious skills! In Unlimited Memory, Horsley shows you techniques of how to combine your short and long-term memories. Who knows? After you finish Horsley’s book, you could remember 10,001 digits of Pi!

2. The Art Of Memory by Frances Yates

History buffs, listen up! For a detailed background on memory palaces, Frances Yates does an excellent job tracking the history of human knowledge. You won’t necessarily learn any specific techniques in The Art Of Memory. Still, you will see how the elaborate memory system of the Greeks spread into Europe and advanced with time. 

3.  Memory Palace Of Matteo Ricci by Jonathan Spence 


Another interesting read about the history of memory palaces dates back to 1577 when the Jesuit Priest Matteo Ricci left Italy to travel to China and spread religious teachings. In hopes of converting those he met overseas, he taught young Confucian scholars different techniques to help maximize their memory. A lesson his students much appreciated given that many of their nation’s laws and rituals needed to be learned by heart. 

4. On the Shadows of Ideas by Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno perfected the memory palace in the late 16th Century, documenting it in a series of books. 

On the Shadows of Ideas explains the memory palace and how kings, nobles, and academics in Europe during the renaissance learned from Bruno’s methods. Bruno was later captured in the Roman Inquisition in 1600, but his works and lessons live on.

5. Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer

Part science journalism wrapped, part adventure story, Moonwalking with Einstein is a vivid investigation of human memory. Author Joshua Foer recounts his year-long adventure to improve his memory with the world’s top “mental athletes” guiding his way. 

Foer’s fascinating scientific analysis of mnemonic mysteries is encouraging that no matter who you are, you have the skills to remember information in great detail. Even those who say, “I have a bad memory,” won’t be singing that tune after they get a clear explanation of mnemonics and the memory palace.

6. Magnetic Memory Mondays by Anthony Metivier

Learn how Anthony Metivier taught Santa Claus to memorize (and why it helped him lay off 50% of the elves) in Magnetic Memory Mondays. 

In all seriousness, Metivier explains the memory palace in great detail and how you can apply it when learning a new language. He goes into detail, explaining how you can learn terminology from biology in a second (or third) language. 

Expand your career options and look great on a job application by putting the memory palace to use and learning a new language.

7. Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

Derren Brown is a psychological illusionist and author of the book Tricks of the Mind. Building a memory palace is no magical trick! While this book is great for anyone interested in magic, Brown devotes an entire chapter to memory. 

Brown writes about the Method of Loci and how he uses it in his life. He also explains this in his YouTube talk from Big Think. Learning more about being an illusionist is a bonus to getting this book!

8. How to Remember Anything by Mark Channon

Take your time when reading this one. It is littered with innovative, practical exercises to ensure you have a magnetic memory. It will show you how your career and personal life can change for the better after improving your memory. The exercises will help you recall dates, facts, and long lists effortlessly.

9. Our Complete Guide to Building A Memory Palace Paperback by Graham Best

This book explains the memory palace in a fun, easy, and entertaining way for all ages and professionals. Aside from the text, you’ll get videos with bonus content to get the most out of the book. 

10. The Memory Palace – Learn Anything and Everything by Lewis Smile

Lewis Smiles explains why you should set aside time to exercise your mind. He delves into spatial memory and how you can use it to boost your memory and organize details of everything you read and need. Here is a summary of the book

If you didn’t get Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, now is the time to review their literature and retain every detail!

11. Mind Performance Hacks: Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain 1st Edition by Ron-Hale Evans

If you want to improve your overall mental fitness, grab this book. It will have you do complex calculus with your fingers, remember incredibly long lists, and make better-informed decisions. It covers mnemonic tricks in great detail.

12. Remember, Remember by Ed Cooke


Ed worked hard to compile illustrations of his imaginative memory palace thoughts. He used from US presidents to European countries, kings, and queens. To enjoy this book, it would help if you had a foundation of memory palace workings. It is also heavily influenced by British culture.

13. Quantum Memory Power: Learn to Improve Your Memory With the World Memory Champion! by Dominic O’Brien

Want to learn from world record champions on memory techniques? Then this book should be top of your reading list. There is an audio version that will have you improve your memory in leaps and bounds. The book is a must-buy for parents who would love to gift their kids priceless books.


An easy way to remember is to use your imagination to link the information with places you are most familiar with. That’s what these thirteen books are trying to expound on with illustrations and innovative exercises. Reading them will help you master memory palace techniques quickly.

Want even more information on memory techniques and ways to strengthen your memory? Sign up today for our Maximizing Memory course to learn more. In this online webinar, you’ll learn practical techniques to help you remember what you read and memorize key information. It’s ideal for students and professionals alike.

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