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The Unschedule

The Unschedule: An Effective Method to Beat Procrastination

The 9 – 5 work mentality society knows as the norm may not be the most productive way of accomplishing your study goals. Going from class-to-class and straight home to study more puts you at risk for burnout. Instead, what research shows is that those who take frequent breaks throughout the day are more productive, […]

5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity as a Student

5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity as a Student

  As a college student, it isn’t uncommon to feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. It all depends on how you measure your productivity as a student. Spending too much time on one task, or eating a late-night pizza cramming in a group study session […]

productivity habits of famous creative minds

The Daily Productivity Habits of Famous Creative Minds

No two people think the same, especially when it comes to sticking to a productive routine. You could argue that it depends on the industry a person is in, but for some, they follow how their mind works. When we investigated the Powerful Productivity Habits of CEOs, we found that work/life balance was something across […]