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Why Do I Forget Things So Easily?

Why Do I Forget Things So Easily?

Forgetfulness is common at all ages and usually worsens for psychological, neurochemical, and physiological reasons. You are tidying up your place, getting rid of all the clutter, when you suddenly remember you had to call your mom. You make your way to the living room to get your phone, and suddenly you forget why you […]

What Is The Chunking Memory Strategy?

What Is The Chunking Memory Strategy?

Chunking is a way to help us remember large pieces of information easily by grouping them into “chunks.” You can recall these chunks of data by retaining a single word or phrase. People widely use this technique to enhance their short-term memory. Usually, the human brain can only keep around 7 pieces of information in […]

What Are The Major Causes of Poor Reading Ability?

What Are The Causes of Poor Reading Comprehension? (& How to Fix Them)

Some major causes of poor reading comprehension include ADHD, dyslexia, difficult text, limited vocabulary, working memory deficit, and more. You may also have trouble comprehending what you’re reading if you are disinterested or bored. There are many ways to improve your reading comprehension and they do not require any drastic changes.  If you’ve ever had […]

How To Memorize the Contents of a Book [VIDEO]

  Do you easily forget things that you’ve read? Don’t worry. You can improve your ability to remember information. The presentation below will show you how to memorize the contents of a book using the numeric peg system. It’s a powerful memory technique that you can easily learn. Let us know what you think in […]

How To Create & Remember Strong Passwords

How To Create & Remember Strong Passwords [VIDEO]

When was the last time you changed your password? We all know that our passwords should be created using lower & uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. But few of us bother to create passwords like this because they’re hard to remember. In this video, we’ll go over a simple technique to help you create […]

How To Remember More of What You Read

How To Remember More of What You Read [VIDEO]

Do you easily forget what you read? Learn how to remember more of what you read in this free class offered by Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading. You’ll learn how your memory works and how you can utilize simple techniques to improve your retention of the material. Materials for this webinar: Presentation Slides, Article […]