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Gender Differences in Reading Comprehension

Gender Differences in Reading Comprehension (Complete Guide)

The difference in reading comprehension between males and females has been studied for a long time. Generally, according to international reading studies like PIRLS and PISA, females are better readers than males.  Several hypotheses try to explain why there is a gender difference in reading comprehension, evident amongst the 10-year-olds measured in PIRLS and even […]

false research findings

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

  Most published research findings are false, and it is causing alarm for many. Think about it. An article about how chocolate is good for you goes viral. Everyone is talking about it and using it as a way to justify their sweet tooth. A month later, another study comes out and says the opposite. […]

How Reading Novels Is Beneficial To Your Health

Why Reading Is Beneficial To Your Health

You’ve probably seen that inspirational poster with the tagline “Minds are like parachutes; They work best when open.” It’s a clever quip, but it also begs the question: how exactly do you open your mind? Well, a growing body of scientific evidence shows that reading (and fiction reading in particular) contributes to higher intelligence, more […]