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Is It Possible To Read A Book A Day

Is It Possible To Read A Book A Day?

 Yes, it is possible to read a book a day. You can achieve this goal by: Learning to speed read Joining a reading challenge Adjusting your mindset Shifting between genres Choosing books you enjoy reading Keeping books with you at all times Minimizing distractions Stocking up on books Exploiting technology Borrowing time from other […]

Note Taking

How And When To Take Notes

Notes are an integral part of the reading process, and they naturally help one remember details that they otherwise would not be able to at a later time. While notes can be beneficial, the most common problem is taking too many of them! Some college students seemingly copy a professor’s lecture and highlight, underline, and […]

Rehearsing What You Read To Maximize Retention

How To Maximize Reading Retention

A very important yet almost always overlooked step in the process of reading is rehearsing what you read. After a few pages, half a chapter, or certain block of time, stop for a moment and try to recall the main ideas and more salient points of the arguments just stated. You may even wish to […]

7 Steps To Maximize Comprehension

7 Steps To Maximize Comprehension

Step #1: When Are You Most Productive? Figure out your peak performance period. This is the time of day where you are most focused. For some people, it’s the morning, and for others, it might be the middle of the day or at night. Try to utilize this time for your most important reading. Step […]

How To Remember More of What You Read

How To Remember More of What You Read [VIDEO]

Do you easily forget what you read? Learn how to remember more of what you read in this free class offered by Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading. You’ll learn how your memory works and how you can utilize simple techniques to improve your retention of the material. Materials for this webinar: Presentation Slides, Article […]

3-Step Process To Improve Retention

3-Step Process To Improve Retention

In addition to many specific drill sets designed to help train and condition one’s ability to recall, here is a rather straightforward 3-step methodology one can apply to almost any type of reading material. Step One: Preview What this step entails is to read the first and last paragraphs of an article, section, chapter, or […]