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Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence

Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence? (Quick Facts)

Having a bad memory is a sign of high intelligence. If you have a hard time remembering, it’s a good indication that your brain is more focused on the essential things. Packing your brain full of memories for an exam or a business meeting is overrated and could harm your chances of success.  Memory is […]

Best Apps for Improving Memory

Best Apps for Improving Memory

The best applications for improving memory include Lumosity, Elevate, Peak, NeuroNation, and CogniFit. Apps are great ways to relax and rest your brain. Still, many professionals believe that games and apps can also improve memory and other cognitive functions. If you are having challenges with your memory, this article is for you! We will give […]

Best Memory Improvement Techniques

Best Memory Improvement Techniques

The best memory improvement techniques are mnemonics (geography mnemonics, rhymes, Method of Loci & chunking memory), speed reading, spaced repetition, and mind mapping. It’s quite frustrating when you try recalling someone’s name or something you saw recently but can’t find the word to say it. Your memory slips off just when you need it the […]


Mnemonics [Podcast]

In this episode we discuss mnemonics and how you can use mnemonic devices to improve your memory. Mnemonics or mnemonic devices are learning techniques that aid your memory. If you want to improve your long-term memory, mnemonic devices can help make memorization easy. Mnemonic systems help you convert short term memory into long term memory. […]

How To Memorize New Vocabulary

How To Memorize New Vocabulary Are you learning a new language or dealing with new vocabulary you need to learn? In this podcast episode we’ll help you learn a quick technique that will make it easier to remember the meaning of new vocabulary. Click Here To Download This Podcast Share this post:   More Resources: […]

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping [Podcast]

Mind Maps are visual diagrams that represent words, ideas, tasks or other items that are linked and arranged around a central idea or topic. In this episode, we discuss how mind mapping can help you improve your memory. You can use mind maps for note-taking in order to help you remember more of what you […]