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Spaced Revision vs. Spaced Repetition(Explained for Beginners)

Spaced Revision vs. Spaced Repetition (Explained for Beginners)

Developing a personalized study strategy customized to suit your learning style, capacity, and needs will help improve your academics. But if you are preparing for an important exam and find it difficult to recall what you have learned, it is time to change your method and choose a technique that will enable you to retain […]

How Can I Test My Memory

How Can I Test My Memory?

By taking a few simple tests such as picture, number, and face recall, you can understand how sharp your memory is. Memory is an essential part of our lives, and it’s important to keep track of how well we’re doing.  This will help you know if there might be any areas where you need to […]

How Can I Remember Everything I Study?

How Can I Remember Everything I Study?

According to competitive memorizers, visualization approaches and memory strategies help them retain vast information. Learners who employ memory techniques such as active recall or taking on a memory improvement course outperform those who do not. To retain ideas, concepts, and content for exam day, learners must employ memory when studying. While you shouldn’t cram for […]

Best Memory Improvement Techniques

Best Memory Improvement Techniques

The best memory improvement techniques are mnemonics (geography mnemonics, rhymes, Method of Loci & chunking memory), speed reading, spaced repetition, and mind mapping. It’s quite frustrating when you try recalling someone’s name or something you saw recently but can’t find the word to say it. Your memory slips off just when you need it the […]

Spaced repetition learning technique

Spaced Repetition Learning Technique (Step-by-Step Guide)

In the spaced repetition technique, one uses increasing review intervals to keep important lessons fresh in the learners’ minds. This technique aims to keep concepts crisp while improving comprehension. The concept of spaced repetition was initially introduced in the book Psychology of Study by Cecil Alec Mace. Others were captivated by his idea of repetition […]