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The 15 Oldest Universities in the World

The history of the concept of education and schooling is fascinating. Psychology Today gives an overview of how it all developed to where we are now. To briefly summarize, education began back when man were hunter-gatherers. Children would educate themselves through play and exploration. As societies developed and people practiced farming, adults discovered that learning […]

15 Books Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read

As an avid reader, Bill Gates has his fair share of book recommendations. During the summer months, Gates reading list increases significantly. Reflecting on his childhood he says, “I’d check out so many books that the librarians wouldn’t give me new ones until I returned some.” As funny as that is, it is the one […]

Animal Farm

Can You Read 30 Books in 30 Days?

Over the next 30 days I want to help you read a book each day. We call this initiative the 30-Day Book Challenge and it’s an open invite to anyone who wants to get more reading done. For each of the next 30 days, you’ll be challenged to read a book every day. I’ll show […]

The “Read and Recall” Exercise

The “Read and Recall” Exercise

This simple exercise is a great drill to use in conjunction with your speed drills for a thorough and comprehensive practice regimen because it directly trains your ability to recall. Like all skills, concerted effort, repetition, and practice will help you in honing your comprehension and recall abilities. For this exercise, read a paragraph, and […]