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How Can I Trick My Brain Into Studying

How Can I Trick My Brain Into Studying?

Are you easily distracted when learning? Or do you have difficulty concentrating?  You can trick your brain into studying by several means: breaking materials down into smaller tasks, making study timetables, taking smart breaks, and using your mind’s eye to read, among other ways.   Don’t fret; these are all common challenges you face while trying […]

Spaced Revision vs. Spaced Repetition(Explained for Beginners)

Spaced Revision vs. Spaced Repetition (Explained for Beginners)

Developing a personalized study strategy customized to suit your learning style, capacity, and needs will help improve your academics. But if you are preparing for an important exam and find it difficult to recall what you have learned, it is time to change your method and choose a technique that will enable you to retain […]

Is Speed Reading Effective for Studying?

Is Speed Reading Effective for Studying? (Important Facts)

Speed reading is an approach to learning where readers read at extremely high speeds (often 200 – 1000 words per minute) to absorb information faster. The premise is not to remember every detail but to take in as much information as possible within the shortest time. Some people can indeed read very fast, take, for […]

7 Tips to Study More Efficiently

7 Tips to Study More Efficiently

The most efficient learning methods are counterintuitive. They defy common sense. There is nothing like a math person or a science guru; attitude is everything. It determines your eagerness to learn, and learning is through practice, visualization, and retrieval. Learning is acquiring new knowledge through study, experience, or teachings. It is a never-ending practice. On […]

What Is Mind Mapping? (and How to Use It for Studying)

What Is Mind Mapping? (And How To Use It For Studying)

Mind mapping is a way of representing information and relationships visually. Information is presented in the form of a “mind map,” a type of spider diagram. The information is organized radially around a core concept. Mind mapping has been proven useful for memorization and learning, especially for students. In this brief article, we will explore […]

Five Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying

Five Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying

There they are again! The top student in the class who radiates confidence, like they have been studying the same subject for years. The student that gets the grades and make it seem like they could teach the course themselves! You notice that they sit in class, just like you, taking notes and reading the […]