5 Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying
Five Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying

Five Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying

Five Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying

There they are again! The top student in the class who radiates confidence, like they have been studying the same subject for years. The student that gets the grades and make it seem like they could teach the course themselves! You notice that they sit in class, just like you, taking notes and reading the same textbook you have. Their secret? They’ve dialed in on what is the best way to study. You, too, can be the top student everyone admires by assessing your study skills and finding which method works best for you.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the five ways the top students get the most out of their studying. 

Realize how you study best

Search “study tips” on the web, and you’ll get hundreds of results from bloggers and researchers on the best ways to do so. They all have the evidence to back it up, but that evidence pertains to a set of people or themselves. These are all options to consider and test out for yourself. Find what works best for you and make that the way you study for everything. There are plenty of people who will say that forming or joining a study group is the best way. That works for extroverts who get energy from engaging with others. For the introverts in the class, study groups can feel draining, and if you don’t involve yourself as much as the others, it can be exhausting and unproductive. Do what feels right for you and you’re sure to succeed.

They tutor with themselves

Whether you are a part of a study group or not, you should be more active in the way you go about tutoring yourself. Create a study guide combing both lecture notes and highlighted information from your textbook. Come up with hard to answer questions that could be on the test or used as essay prompts. Look back through previous exams to see how the professor might word the question too. If you find that you are having a tough time answering the problem, it is time to go to office hours and get some clarification from the professor or teacher’s assistant. If you are someone who enjoys studying with a group, collectively put together a test or perhaps something more fun like a “Jeopardy” challenge. These memorable questions and study group sessions will allow your mind to retain the information better and ace the course.

Top students learn from their mistakes

The top students are the ones that learn from their mistakes. After an exam, look at the answers you got incorrect and review those concepts. In preparation for the final exam, look for trends that the professor exhibits or ideas they spend more time on. If they are passionate about that area of study, you can bet that it is something that will be on the test again. If you don’t have any exams to review, gather your old homework assignments, quizzes, and papers you’ve already received feedback on. Professors don’t assign these to keep you busy. They are hinting at what they feel are the key concepts to take away from the course.

They maintain their composure

The top students are the ones that maintain a positive attitude, even when they fail. Michael Jordan once said, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” This is the type of attitude to adopt after you bombed a test, received a poor grade on a term paper, or answered a question incorrectly during a lecture. Another part of maintaining composure is learning not to complain. Complaining is negativity at its worst. Recognize what you can and can’t change about a situation then act appropriately. 

Top students take lots of study breaks and manage their time well

The top students in the country will all say the same thing about time management. The best way to do so is by creating a study schedule that should include thirty-minute breaks, “play” time, when to transition to studying for another course, and time for self-care. Powering through an hour-long study session, or worse, the “all-nighter” is never advised. You need periods of rest to give your mind time to digest the information it received. You also need time to not think about tests, grades, and school altogether. Enjoy a fun evening with friends, you deserve it!

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