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What Is Comprehension Monitoring? (Explained for Beginners)

Monitoring comprehension is determining whether you understand the text you are reading. When you realize that you can’t articulate the passage’s main idea, then you can take steps to improve your comprehension before continuing to read. Students and readers know how crucial reading comprehension and retention are. Comprehension monitoring is important because it enhances reading […]

Is Memorization a Necessary Precondition of Understanding?

Is Memorization a Necessary Precondition of Understanding?

Memorization and understanding are both essential in knowledge acquisition. You must not always memorize information before you understand it. However, memorization is necessary in many instances because memorized information is often the foundation for understanding. In 2012, Michael Cove, a UK Secretary of State for Education, gave a speech on education policy and said, “memorization […]

What Causes Reading Comprehension Problems

What Causes Reading Comprehension Problems? (Important Facts)

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand the text. Comprehension problems result from medical reasons such as dyslexia and ADHD. Poor grasp also happens when you are anxious or when the text you are reading is complex and unfamiliar.  Other reasons are difficulties recognizing and decoding words, limited vocabulary, and low interest or motivation. Reading […]

What Are The Levels of Comprehension?

What Are The Levels of Comprehension?

Comprehension is the process of understanding what is being read or heard. It involves decoding the text or audio and making sense of it. Comprehension can be difficult but can be improved on with practice. Generally speaking, there are three primary levels of comprehension, and they include: Literal level comprehension Inference level comprehension Evaluative level […]

6 Consequences of Over Memorization (& What to Do Instead

6 Consequences of Over Memorization (And What To Do Instead)

Over memorization is not good for learning. It is time-consuming and stressful, makes learning superficial, does not promote comprehension, makes you forget faster, and does not encourage practical application.  While memorization continues to get a bad rap in many quarters, it has been shown that we cannot learn without it. Thus, what should be flogged […]

What Is Mind Mapping? (and How to Use It for Studying)

What Is Mind Mapping? (And How To Use It For Studying)

Mind mapping is a way of representing information and relationships visually. Information is presented in the form of a “mind map,” a type of spider diagram. The information is organized radially around a core concept. Mind mapping has been proven useful for memorization and learning, especially for students. In this brief article, we will explore […]