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Are you saying these words in your head? This is a habit called subvocalization. And it’s the reason most people read as fast as they talk. We teach you to read at the speed of thought.

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Old-school speed-reading courses teach you to skim and don’t focus much on retention. Sure, speed is important. But it’s irrelevant if you can’t understand and remember what you’ve read. We place a much stronger emphasis on comprehension & retention. It’s not just speed reading, it’s strategic reading.


Dr. Ellen Cosgrove

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs & Education UNLV Medical School

I must thank you for a superb workshop. The students are excited about what they got out of the day, not only reading but the memorization & other study skills. We will definitely want to do the same workshop next year with our entering medical students.

Jason Tyler

Portfolio Manager
Ariel Investments

Your class truly had a significant impact on my productivity as well as many others in Ariel’s research department. Thanks again

Anita Kelly

Communications Director Social Security Advisory Board

The Social Security Advisory Board had the opportunity to implement Speed Reading & Memory Training workshops through Iris Reading on two separate occasions. Our office deals with a significant amount of reading and research on a daily basis and recommends this comprehensive workshop to boost productivity among staff and students!

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What kind of courses do you offer?

  • We offer courses in speed reading, memorization, note-taking and productivity. Our courses are provided online and in-person.
    • Online Courses: Register individually for a self-paced, virtual course with lifetime access.
    • In-Person Courses: Attend a class that is open to the public Available in select cities around the world.
    • Private Group Session: Invite us to organize a speed-reading and memory training program at your school or workplace.”

How can I read faster without losing comprehension?

In many cases, faster readers tend to have higher comprehension because they have better focus. Our courses will help you improve your focus so you can boost your reading speed. We also teach techniques to improve comprehension and strategies for memorization. You’ll learn to read faster while also retaining what you read.

Does speed reading actually work?

If you’re committed to training yourself to read faster, it can be done by practicing a variety of drills & exercises that we teach in our courses. There’s no magic pill, but if you’re willing to put in the work, you can get the results. Most speed reading courses teach skimming or scanning techniques. But these are not sufficient for those that need to comprehend technical material. Our courses focus heavily on comprehension and retention so that you are faster, but also efficient.

Why can’t I retain what I read?

We’ve all had that experience of reading and re-reading text over and over again. Or studying for an exam, only to realize your can’t remember some specific information for the test. Sometimes our mind draws a blank. The problem is that most people have never learned strategies for memorizing information. Our courses focus on improving memory so that you can be confident in your ability to remember what you’ve read.

How long does it take to increase your reading speed?

The time required to increase reading speed varies from person to person. It depends on your vocabulary level and how much time you spend practicing exercises. For more nuanced details, we’ve put together an article on the topic: How Long Does It Take To Increase Your Reading Speed?

What is the average reading speed?

Generally speaking, the average reading speed is between 150-250 words per minute (WPM). However, the average reading speed depends on other factors such as age, education level and difficulty of the text. We’ve put together an article that goes into more detail on this topic: What is the Average Reading Speed?

Does Reading Improve Memory?

The more you read, the more you train your brain to focus and retain information. Reading is an important exercise for the brain because it helps strengthen neural connections in the brain. It also helps you concentrate, decreasing stress levels, all of which benefits and improves memory.