7 Of The Best Book Adaptations Streaming Now
7Book Adaptations Streaming

7 Of The Best Book Adaptations Streaming Now

7Book Adaptations Streaming

Sometimes it feels like you’re cheating on an author by watching the TV show based on their book before you get the chance to read the book itself. However, it is always fun to see what direction producers and directors take the book in. While searching to watch something on TV these past few months, Iris Reading discovered that many streaming services offer the best book adaptations to enjoy.

We have a fun challenge for you! In addition to making your reading goal for this year, we dare you to read these seven books before watching the film adaptations available now.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng 

What it is about: In the picture-perfect town of Shaker Heights, a mother-daughter couple comes to rent out a room at the Richardsons. Single mother and artist, Mia Warren, gets along with everyone in the household, but there is something she’s not telling the Richardsons. Across town, friends of the Richardsons adopt a baby, and a nasty custody battle ensues. Full of drama and gossip, Litte Fire Everywhere details situations that anyone can relate to, making it a must-read and must-see.  

Who’s starring: Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Rosemarie DeWitt

Where to watch: Stream Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

What’s it about: Author of the best selling book Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn wrote another fantastic novel that will have you on the edge of your seat. Reporter Camille Preaker is off to her home town after her stay in a psych hospital. Her assignment is to write about the details of two preteen girls who’ve been murdered. As she keeps investigating this awful crime, Camille finds herself a little too invested in her assignment relating to the victims. This who-done-it novel is for mystery enthusiasts alike.

Who’s starring: Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina

Where to watch: Stream Sharp Objects on HBO

Looking for Alaska by John Green

What’s it about: Great storyline plus awesome music from your favorite band? Why wouldn’t you read or stream Looking For Alaska? In this young adult novel, John Green relates to those who grew up in the mid-2000s. At Culver Creek Boarding School, Miles meets gorgeous Alaska Young. He falls for her and her bizarre world that he soon becomes apart of. After the two begin to see one another more, Mile’s life is never the same. 

Who’s starring: Charlie Plummer, Kristine Froseth, Timothy Simons 

Where to watch: Steam Looking For Alaska on Hulu

The Umbrella Academy by Gerald Way

What it’s about: If you are a fan of comic books and superhero movies, you’ll want to tune into the Netflix adaptation of The Umbrella Academy. Seven kids with seven different stories band together to form what they call themselves, The Umbrella Academy. Written as a series of graphic novels, their story begins with the team fighting the zombie-robot Gustave Eiffel, who has invaded the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Read before you watch to see how things play out!

Who’s starring: Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda

Where to watch: Stream The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

What’s it about: Humor and fantasy balled up into one, is the best-selling novel and most-watched miniseries on Prime, Good Omens. The Biblical apocalypse is near, and an odd couple joins together to try and stop it. An angel and a demon who have lived amongst humans since the beginning of time work together to create a plan that will allow them to continue living the upscale lifestyle they enjoy on earth. Summed up in one word, hilarious!

Who’s starring: David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Frances McDormand

Where to watch: Stream Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video

The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester

What’s it about: Premiering as Greyhound on Apple TV is the film adaptation of C.S. Forester’s The Good Shepard. It’s World War II, and Commander George Krause of the US Navy has an exciting adventure ahead of him. In the icy North Atlantic sea, a fleet of merchant ships navigates their away amongst the German submarines that lurk below the water. Find out if Commander Krause can protect the Americans against the Germans in this exciting novel.

Who’s starring: Tom Hanks, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham and Rob Morgan.

Where to watch: Stream Greyhound on Apple TV

After We Collided by Anna Todd

What’s it about: If you’re in the mood for a romantic film, “After” is the movie to stream. “After” follows the plot of the second book in the series After We Collided. Tessa is at her first year of University when she meets Hardin. Hardin is like no other man Tessa has met before and is definitely not her long-time boyfriend waiting for her back home. He is cocky and mean to Tessa, yet she can’t resist him and finds herself alone with Hardin one evening. Tessa doesn’t know whether she should stay with Hardin unless he changes. Find out if he will when you read this novel or enjoy it on the screen.

Who’s starring: Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, and Dylan Sprouse

Where to watch: Stream After on Netflix

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