Iris Reading - Part 5

15 Books Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read

As an avid reader, Bill Gates has his fair share of book recommendations. During the summer months, Gates reading list increases significantly. Reflecting on his childhood he says, “I’d check out so many books that the librarians wouldn’t give me new ones until I returned some.” As funny as that is, it is the one […]

How College Students Can Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

The summer after you graduate high school always seems to be a bit of a blur. Between friends leaving for their next journey in life and you, yourself preparing to head out to college, there’s a lot to fit in in only a small amount of time. The ACTs and SATs you studied for (which […]

Spaced repetition learning technique

Spaced Repetition Learning Technique (Step-by-Step Guide)

In the spaced repetition technique, one uses increasing review intervals to keep important lessons fresh in the learners’ minds. This technique aims to keep concepts crisp while improving comprehension. The concept of spaced repetition was initially introduced in the book Psychology of Study by Cecil Alec Mace. Others were captivated by his idea of repetition […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Read Before Bed

What makes for a good night sleep? Is it a relaxing cup of tea? Or perhaps listening to music is something that helps you drift into your dream world? Actually, based on a study from the University of Sussex, they found that reading before bed worked the best. A solid seven to nine hours of […]

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K – 12 Schools? (Important Facts)

As technology expands into schools, one debate you see in the news is whether students should use tablets instead of textbooks. A school’s funding is at the forefront of the discussion as to whether investing in tablets will decrease the amount of spending on books and other classroom materials.  Investing in tablets for educational purposes […]