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What Is the Best Memory Strategy

What Is the Best Memory Strategy? (22 Science-Backed Methods)

The best memory techniques, according to science, include employing acronyms and mnemonics, practicing spaced learning, developing a Memory Palace, sleeping after learning a difficult concept, writing down new knowledge, using visualization techniques, and engaging in active recall, to name a few.  Do you find it difficult to recall the name of the person you just […]

How To Memorize the Contents of a Book

How To Memorize the Contents of a Book [VIDEO]

Do you easily forget what you read? The video below will discuss how your memory works and a specific strategy called the “Numeric Peg System” that can help you memorize information when you need to. You can test out your memory and see if the strategy works for you by viewing the presentation below. Enjoy!

Is Memorization Good for Learning

Is Memorization Good for Learning? (10 Important Facts)

While memorization in learning may not be the ultimate goal, it’s necessary on many occasions. You use rote learning or memorization when you repeat something and remember it. Memorization is good for learning because it trains the brain to remember things. The memorization task makes your mind exercise, giving it more strength to retain information. […]

How Do You Memorize Mind Maps?

How Do You Memorize Mind Maps?

When learning, comprehending, retaining, and memorizing information, mind maps are quite helpful as they successfully use and demonstrate the relationship between concepts with the use of keywords, symbols, colors, and lines.  Its structure also incorporates and stimulates several sections of our brain, which in the end results in meaningful understanding, data organization, concept association, and […]