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reader's block

5 Tips To Overcome Reader’s Block

No matter how much of an avid reader you are, you are susceptible to experiencing “reader’s block.” Those that have reader’s block can’t seem to get past the first page of a book. Or, they haven’t read a book in ages. It is possible to get unstuck and reignite your passion for reading and the […]

40 Of The Best Lines From Classic Literature

100 Of The Best Lines From Classic Literature

There is a reason why some authors have stood the test of time and remain a crucial part of the English curriculum in schools across the country. These authors have a way of making sentences and quotes stick with the reader, who will carry those lessons on with them for the rest of their lives. […]

7Book Adaptations Streaming

7 Of The Best Book Adaptations Streaming Now

Sometimes it feels like you’re cheating on an author by watching the TV show based on their book before you get the chance to read the book itself. However, it is always fun to see what direction producers and directors take the book in. While searching to watch something on TV these past few months, […]

Best Dads in Literature

The 8 Best Dads in Literature, According to Readers

It’s Father’s Day weekend! This means you should spend it with some who readers believe to be the best dads in literature. In their unique way, all of these fathers taught their children valuable lessons that paved the way for their success. Readers chose these characters because they too learned from their words of wisdom. […]

The Most Highlighted Kindle Quotes of All Time

The Most Highlighted Kindle Quotes of All Time

At Iris Reading, we’ve posted a few times about how researchers are finding that paperback books are better for you than e-readers. This may be the case, but when it comes to bookmarking a section or highlighting a sentence, it is a lot easier with an e-reader. You can find it quickly, and if one […]