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Secrets to Effective Memorization: From Basics to Mastery

19 Secrets to Effective Memorization: From Basics to Mastery

We hate to admit it, but some people have a knack for remembering things more easily than others.  But here is the thing:  With the correct memorization technique, you can boost your memory if you struggle to memorize things faster.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying to memorize your grocery list, a movie script, […]

Why Do I Remember Everything?

Why Do I Remember Everything? (Hyperthymesia Explained!)

If you can remember every little detail about things that happened in your life, you may have something called Hyperthymesia. This condition causes you to recall several decades. Only a few people have it, and they have reported the ability to remember an abnormally large number of previous events. Scientists have not fully understood Hyperthymesia […]

Is Mathematics All About Memorization

Is Mathematics All About Memorization? (6 Minute Read)

Mathematics requires more practice to be an expert in the field rather than memorization. But many students and some teachers focus more on memorizing mathematics formulas. It is also true that memorization is the primary means of learning the formulas or algorithms of mathematics. Many memory techniques can help you memorize numbers for chemistry, physics, […]

Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence

Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence? (Quick Facts)

Having a bad memory is a sign of high intelligence. If you have a hard time remembering, it’s a good indication that your brain is more focused on the essential things. Packing your brain full of memories for an exam or a business meeting is overrated and could harm your chances of success.  Memory is […]

6 Consequences of Over Memorization (& What to Do Instead

6 Consequences of Over Memorization (And What To Do Instead)

Over memorization is not good for learning. It is time-consuming and stressful, makes learning superficial, does not promote comprehension, makes you forget faster, and does not encourage practical application.  While memorization continues to get a bad rap in many quarters, it has been shown that we cannot learn without it. Thus, what should be flogged […]

How Can I Memorize Things Better?

How Can I Memorize Things Better?

Today, learning information and recalling it has become less important with the advancement of technology. Smartphones, computers, and even GPS, all eliminate the need to learn massive amounts of information.  Memory is the process of forming connections between pieces of information in our minds. Unfortunately, because of the reliance on technology, we may struggle to […]