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What Is the Best Memory Strategy

What Is the Best Memory Strategy? (22 Science-Backed Methods)

The best memory techniques, according to science, include employing acronyms and mnemonics, practicing spaced learning, developing a Memory Palace, sleeping after learning a difficult concept, writing down new knowledge, using visualization techniques, and engaging in active recall, to name a few.  Do you find it difficult to recall the name of the person you just […]

How Fast Is Considered Speed Reading

How Fast Is Considered Speed Reading? (Quick Facts)

Have you ever felt you have so much to read and so little time to cover it all? Many people have been there – the student with many textbooks, the leisure reader with many interesting fiction books, the professional with many documents to review, etc. Interestingly, with speed-reading, you can read much more than you […]

Is Speed Reading a Myth?

Is Speed Reading a Myth? (Important Facts)

Speed reading, which is reading chunks of words at a go without losing comprehension, is an appealing skill. Everyone wants to read a book, web page, or publication in less time to improve time management skills. Speed reading is not a myth. It’s possible to accelerate your reading speed by practicing, reading chunks of words […]

11 Benefits of Speed Reading

11 Benefits of Speed Reading (Explained for Beginners)

Speed reading has several benefits, including better focus, higher levels of self-confidence, improved memory, and more. It allows professionals to stay knowledgeable in their various competitive fields and still have plenty of time to spare. Higher speed and better comprehension are not the only benefits of speed reading. It also offers side benefits that make […]

What Makes a Book Hard to Read?

What Makes a Book Hard to Read? (Quick Facts)

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy reading. Books can be a great way to spend your time, whether it’s for pleasure or learning. However, some books are more challenging to read than others. But what makes a book hard to read?  There are several reasons why a book might be hard to read. […]

Are Speed Reading Courses Worth It?

Are Speed Reading Courses Worth It?

We never seem to have enough time these days. With so many articles and books to read – especially the ones shared on social media – the ability to read through information faster could be a life changer.  The idea of speed reading appeals to many people who wish to process information as effectively. Improving […]