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Is Memory a Cognitive Process?

Is Memory a Cognitive Process? (6 Minute Read)

Memory is an essential cognitive process involving the encoding, storing, and retrieving of information.  You’ll want to have a photographic mind, won’t you? Virtually everyone wants the ability to recall things from memory with high precision.  Mastering your memory and recalling what you took in (whenever you need to) will help you excel in whatever […]

What Words Are Hard To Lipread

What Words Are Hard To Lipread? (Helpful Examples)

Lipreading can be difficult for even the most experienced lip reader, as it tends to lead to misinterpretation of many words, including those that others speak rapidly or words with multiple meanings.  Lip reading, also known as speechreading or visual phonics, is the ability to interpret the movements of the lips, face, and tongue to […]

15 Must Read Books Where the Main Character Is a Master of Their Own Craft

15 Must Read Books Where the Main Character Is a Master of Their Own Craft

Some people travel to witness countless tales and stories in each land. Others simply read books.  Books are incredible at widening one’s horizons and teaching important life lessons you cannot learn anywhere else. They play a pivotal role in the academic years of a student, but even after you have graduated or finished your studies, […]

Is Speed Reading Scientifically Proven?

Is Speed Reading Scientifically Proven?

Speed reading is a scientifically proven way to increase your reading pace. The average person can read about 200-250 words per minute (wpm). However, super speed reading (three times more or 1000wpm) trades off excellent reading comprehension and accuracy. You must know what you can go through at a faster pace. That depends on linguistic […]

What Causes Reading Comprehension Problems

What Causes Reading Comprehension Problems? (Important Facts)

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand the text. Comprehension problems result from medical reasons such as dyslexia and ADHD. Poor grasp also happens when you are anxious or when the text you are reading is complex and unfamiliar.  Other reasons are difficulties recognizing and decoding words, limited vocabulary, and low interest or motivation. Reading […]

Is Speed Reading a Sign of Intelligence

Is Speed Reading a Sign of Intelligence? (6-Minute Read)

Speed reading allows you to rapidly recognize and absorb phrases on a page all at once, rather than identifying individual words. While there may be no strong and reliable correlation between reading speed and IQ, speed reading is still beneficial in improving one’s level of intelligence.  As it is, there is no clear consensus on […]