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25 Long Words That Start With S

25 Long Words That Start With S (& Their Meanings)

  Here are 60 long words starting with the letter “S” and a brief explanation of their meanings. You can use these words to broaden your vocabulary and improve your comprehension of challenging ideas.  Whether you are a student studying for an important exam, playing a scrabble game with friends, or just looking to increase […]

Do Speed Reading Programs Work?

Do Speed Reading Programs Work?

Speed reading programs can improve your reading speed and comprehension by mastering various techniques such as skimming, scanning, and reducing subvocalization. You may be curious whether speed reading works if you’re considering taking a speed reading class or using an app to help you read more quickly.  Like many other people who want to speed […]

How To Read Quran Faster

How To Read Quran Faster? (Explained For Beginners)

You can read the holy Quran faster by implementing speed-reading techniques like skimming, chunking, and visualization. You can also take a speed reading course. Most importantly, you’ll need to learn Tajweed rules and Arabic vocabulary to make sense of what you read.  Reading the holy Quran fast is challenging and intimidating, especially when beginning your […]

How to Speed Read for College

How to Speed Read for College (10 Tips from the Pros)

As a college student, you can develop your speed reading skills by unlearning subvocalization, training your peripheral vision, giving your eyes something to follow, such as a finger, and reading in word chunks as opposed to one continuous passage.  How often a day do you use your reading skills as a college student? A lot!  […]

Can’t Comprehend Without Subvocalization?

Can’t Comprehend Without Subvocalization? Here’s What to Do!

Reading has a lot of benefits. It improves your knowledge, memory, communication skills, etc. However, getting the enriching benefits of reading depends on how well you comprehend what you read. Reading without comprehension is a complete waste of time. It’s equivalent to the proverbial “pouring water into a basket.” To aid comprehension, most people practice […]

Do Speed Reading Courses Work?

Do Speed Reading Courses Work? (4 Benefits)

Speed reading courses can teach you how to consume more content than you would normally be able to if you read at an average pace. This can aid your ability to study more, work harder, and manage your time more effectively. You can master speed reading through speed reading courses by eliminating subvocalization (silent speech) […]