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How To Read Quran Faster

How To Read Quran Faster? (Explained For Beginners)

How To Read Quran Faster

You can read the holy Quran faster by implementing speed-reading techniques like skimming, chunking, and visualization. You can also take a speed reading course. Most importantly, you’ll need to learn Tajweed rules and Arabic vocabulary to make sense of what you read. 

Reading the holy Quran fast is challenging and intimidating, especially when beginning your journey of reciting the scriptures. 

However, with practice and dedication, you can read the holy book quickly without compromising its understanding and understand the Islam faith deeply. It can even make you a better Muslim.

This guide covers speed reading techniques, tips, and courses to shorten your Quran recitation journey.

The benefits of speed reading the Quran

Speed reading the holy Quran can help you cover more ground in less time and focus better while reading. Your content retention rate also increases as you become familiar with more verses. You may even have a deeper understanding of Allah’s message to us. 

Cover more ground in less time 

By utilizing speed-reading techniques, you can cover a large amount of material in less time, allowing you to spend energy on other tasks or activities that may benefit your spiritual journey.

Improved focus and retention while reading 

Reading the Quran at a faster pace forces your brain to be more alert, making it easier for you to focus on the content of the text rather than getting distracted or bogged down by unnecessary details. 

By focusing during your reading sessions, you will better appreciate the Quran’s spiritual message and develop a stronger connection to Allah. 

You may also find that you can recall more of the Quranic content, which helps you better comprehend its meaning and purpose. It will also help with memorizing verses of the Quran more quickly.

Techniques for speed reading the Quran

Skimming, chunking, and visualization are three major speed reading techniques that you can use to read and learn Quran fast.


Skimming is a reading strategy that allows you to quickly scan a passage of text in search of specific phrases or words. It helps you quickly grasp the main idea of the text before delving into the details. 

So start by skimming a few verses (āyāt) of the Quran one at a time. Once you get the gist of the passage or find verses that resonate with you, you can stop skimming and read closely. 

Beginners find it easier to start with the first sūrahs (chapters) revealed in Makkah, which are typically shorter and easier to comprehend and pass down orally. This will help you become familiar with the flow and language of the Quran before attempting to read longer sūrahs. 

Once comfortable with shorter sūrahs, you can move on to slightly longer ones, still focusing mostly on Makkan sūrahs. This way, you gradually build up your knowledge, allowing you to understand the Quran’s message better.

Taking breaks between readings will allow for reflection, understanding, and appreciation of the passage. It will also give your mind a break from focusing on the text.

After your reading sessions, asking yourself questions about the content can help you understand it better and retain what you have read. 


Chunking involves breaking down long passages into smaller “chunks” that are easier to read and comprehend. You then read the chunks as one unit. This technique helps you focus your attention on certain sections of text at a time, allowing you to progress faster through the Quran.

To practice chunking, start by reading a few verses rather than trying to tackle long passages. Focus on understanding the overall message and the key ideas contained in each verse. 

Look for patterns or related information – such as verses about a particular theme or idea – and practice reading them as one unit. This can improve your understanding and memory of the material and make reading more enjoyable.

After reading, summarize the main points to understand and memorize the content better.

You can read more about the chunking technique in this detailed guide.


Visualization helps you remember and recall information more effectively. It works by creating a vivid mental image of the text and associating it with keywords and phrases. 

For example, when reading a verse, try visualizing the scene it describes. It will keep you engaged and help you to retain information better. 

When reading a longer passage, break it down into smaller sections and visualize each part individually.

Another way to read the Quran faster is to use mind-mapping techniques. Mental mapping involves creating an image in your mind of a sequence or network of ideas and concepts you are reading. This helps to link disparate parts of the verses to understand them more deeply. 

If you struggle with Quran memorization, you could benefit from our Maximizing Memory course, which covers practical techniques for improving your memory. 

The importance of understanding and comprehension

Reading the whole Quran in a short time is not enough. The most important thing is to understand what you read and use the lessons in your daily life. 

Therefore, you must take the time to pause and reflect upon the passages to gain an in-depth understanding of the message contained within the Quran. 

You should always seek to balance speed with a careful study of the text to ensure you fully understand its message. Doing so will allow you to reap all the spiritual rewards that reading and reflecting on the Quran can bring. 

Finally, remember that the Quran is Allah’s message to guide humanity and should be respected as such. 

Increase your Quran reading speed: 5 Tips for success

Increase your Quran reading speed by learning how to pronounce Arabic words, reciting the Quran, setting realistic goals, and seeking guidance from other Muslims in your community or Islam teachers.

1. Learn some Arabic vocabulary

Learning Arabic words will help you comprehend what you’re reading. Start by learning the most common Arabic letters, words, and phrases, then gradually expand your vocabulary.

 Madinah Arabic is a good place to start learning Arabic.

You can also use Qaida (Al-Qaida Al Nooraniya), a free app for Muslim beginners to learn Arabic pronunciations. It contains audio recordings of passages from the Quran. 

2. Learn Tajweed rules

Learning Tajweed (the science of Quranic recitation as pronounced by the prophet Muhammad) helps you recite the Quran correctly. 

Proper pronunciation can also help you better understand the meaning of each word in the Quran. This will improve your Arabic fluency and make your speed reading experience more meaningful and effective.

3. Set realistic goals 

You should set realistic goals to avoid disappointments and procrastination. 

Set your initial reading goal based on how much time you spent reading the Quran the first time. Increase your pace gradually as you become more comfortable with its terminology and structure. 

While at it, create a consistent reading schedule. For example, one chapter after prayer every day. 

When you create a schedule for reading and reciting the Quran, it becomes easier to stick with it and progress. 

4. Take baby steps 

Don’t expect to become a speed reader overnight. Start by setting small goals and gradually increase the amount you read each day. As you become more comfortable with the material, you can aim higher until you reach your desired speed.

5. Seek guidance from experienced readers

One of the best ways to learn how to speed read the Quran is to seek help from an experienced reader or teacher. When possible, ask questions and get advice on how to read the Quran quickly and effectively. 

You can find Muslims in your neighborhood or listen to Quran recitations here

Speed reading courses

Speed reading courses can increase your speed and accuracy when reading the Quran quickly. These courses have techniques such as chunking, skimming, scanning, and much more, which can prove invaluable in memorizing large amounts of text.

Here are some of them

Speed Reading Foundation Course

The discounted price for this course is $100, but the original price was $300.

The Speed Reading Foundation Course includes practical strategies to enhance your comprehension so you can remember more of what you read. 

With this video-based course, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to read passages from the Quran quickly and efficiently. 

You will also be able to apply the techniques to other areas of your life, such as reading academic texts or books.

Speed Reading Mastery Course

The discounted price for this course is $100, but the original price was $300.

If you have basic speed reading skills, the Speed Reading Mastery Course is for you. You’ll learn how to read quickly and retain key information in a fraction of the time. 

In this video-based course, you will be mastering different techniques that will further increase your reading speed and accuracy. 

Conclusion: How can I increase my Quran reading speed?

You can read the holy Quran faster by utilizing speed reading techniques like skimming, visualization, and chunking. You can also utilize speed-reading courses like the Speed Reading Mastery Course by Iris Reading.

Remember that developing your reading skills is a process that takes time, patience, and diligence. InshaAllah (God willing), with the right approach and daily practice, you will be able to learn how to read Quran faster in no time!

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