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Do Speed Reading Courses Work?

Do Speed Reading Courses Work? (4 Benefits)

Do Speed Reading Courses Work?

Speed reading courses can teach you how to consume more content than you would normally be able to if you read at an average pace. This can aid your ability to study more, work harder, and manage your time more effectively.

You can master speed reading through speed reading courses by eliminating subvocalization (silent speech) and by using your peripheral vision to link different words seamlessly. 

Do you have a mountain of papers to complete with a deadline looming around every corner? 

Do you have a lot of reading ahead of you? 

Do you simply want to read more quickly for personal or professional reasons but don’t know how to?

The good news is that excellent speed reading courses are widely available.

But are speed reading classes worth my time and money, you might be wondering?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the techniques taught in speed reading courses and see if they work. We’ll also discuss the advantages of fast reading training.

We hope you will be completely equipped to make a decision at the end of this article.

What is speed reading?

Speed reading refers to the practice of reading quickly while retaining information. It involves various methods that let speed readers absorb materials more quickly. It increases how quickly you take in information from text.

The primary objective of speed reading is to enable you to read more material than you ordinarily would at your natural pace. Therefore, speed reading aids with time management, increases productivity, and broadens knowledge.

Reading courses provide a variety of speed reading methods, but they all have something in common. Instead of using individual words and sentences, they divide most texts into blocks.

The reader learns to skim the various text blocks by using various speed reading strategies. They will be able read entire texts more quickly and get the main points of what the author is saying.

Most speed reading courses guarantee that students will double their reading rate. Alternatively, they’ll assist you in developing a constant reading speed.

After taking a speed reading course, the words per minute you can read will depend on the instructional approach you use. Additionally, it depends on how much effort you put into honing your fast reading skills.

What is the average reading speed?

Adults without a college education read 150–250 words per minute on average, while college-educated adults read 200–300 words per minute. 

But how many words can an average person read? On average, adults read 250 words per minute. But, when reading quickly, the average speed is between 300 and 400 wpm.

Your reading speed will increase to 400–700 words per minute (wpm) or higher with the aid of speed reading without compromising comprehension skills. Some speed reading professionals can read up to 1,000 wpm.

However, the pace at which someone reads is influenced by several variables, including education level, content difficulty level, intended audience, etc.

How does speed reading work?

Speed reading keeps your attention on the reading text by preventing subvocalization (saying words aloud). You end up processing information more quickly than you can read it. You also quickly process and swiftly understand the gist of written content, mainly text or graphics.

You can swiftly process written content using speed reading techniques and training, typically text or graphical information.

Your eyes and brain have a physical limit on how quickly you can read.

Your eyes scan a text, taking in small bits of information—usually 2 or 3 characters each fixation—as they go.

Speed readers typically process information at a fixation rate of 6–7 characters. Slow readers can greatly increase their reading speeds by employing speed reading strategies (more on this below).

Speed reading is more of an acquired habit than talent or gift. A high level of expertise in rapid reading requires training and practice.

Only when a speed reader employs certain techniques, such as the ones listed below, will speeding the reading process be effective:

Speed reading techniques

It is common for fast readers to use techniques to accelerate their reading speed. Some speed reading strategies include using a speed reading tool, reading chunks of text, and skimming. Additionally, you can use a timer or your fingers as a guide.

Here are a few popular ways of increasing reading speed.


Skimming entails reading an entire page without focusing on specifics, complete phrases, or punctuation. Instead, to highlight key elements, skimmers frequently look for repetitions.

It is a fantastic speed reading technique to acquire the gist of a written text without having to read every word on a page. It is a quick reading and good comprehension technique.

Reading in chunks

Reading multiple words at a time is known as word chunking. You may speed read and understand more text using this method.

Because one word cannot fully express a concept, word chunking is effective. It is necessary to present statements in groups or entire phrases to make them understandable.

This method seeks to analyze words to learn more meaningful information swiftly.

However, word chunking can be difficult. You will be able to read long passages after gaining extensive experience and practice. When using this method, you must:

  • Expand your view to encompass a huge portion of the page.
  • Avoid unnecessary words
  • Focus on the use of nouns and verbs, and
  • Reduce eye fixation pauses

Using your finger as a guide

This easy method involves tracing your index finger—or any pointer—along or below the letters while you read the text. It is also  known as “meta guidance” or the “pointer technique.”

This is the simplest method for increasing your reading efficiency.

Additionally, it helps in maintaining focus while reading materials for an overview.

To assist you scan words as you read them, you can also use an index card or a pen.

As you speed-read, move your finger over one line of the text you are currently reading.

By doing so, you’ll be able to concentrate better and avoid having to go back and reread certain passages.

Using speed reading tools

You can learn how to read more quickly using various speed reading tools. AccelaReader is an excellent tool that can help you read up to 1000 words per minute faster.

AccelaReader is one of the best free speed reading tools available today. This reader uses rapid serial visual presentation to flash the text you’ve typed one sentence at a time.

You can practice reading each word quickly with this tool. You can also change its parameters to 25-fold raise or reduce the speed.

In this manner, you can study at your own pace and advance to the fastest setting.

Do speed reading techniques taught in speed reading courses work?

Several techniques make speed reading possible. There are countless free materials available on the internet. Online courses offering free training and videos on fast reading are also available. 

You can sign up for a speed reading program and use it to assist you in avoiding steep learning curves to save time.

Consistent training and exercise improve speed reading. You can achieve your goals more quickly and with better precision if you enroll in these classes or programs.

These resources are suitable for teaching fast reading to beginners.

Most people, notably President John F. Kennedy’s entire administration, have commended the efficiency of speed reading techniques since the 1950s.

Benefits of speed reading courses

There is always so much to read and little time to accomplish it.

Fortunately, available speed reading courses may teach you how to read more quickly and effectively.

A speed reading course has several advantages, some of which are listed below:

Increase your reading speed

This is the most obvious advantage of taking a speed reading course. 

Adults read between 200 and 300 words per minute on average. But with a speed reading course, you can learn to read at a rate of about 1000 – 1500 words per minute.

By developing your reading speed, you’ll be able to read whatever you need to without having to put in endless hours.

Retain more information 

When you read faster, you can read more in less time and retain more information. This is because when you don’t focus on each word as intently, your brain has more time to comprehend what you’re reading.

The capacity of your brain is increased by speed reading. This ability enhances focus, multiplies thoughts, and broadens understanding about a particular subject.

As your brain actively employs its ability to grasp the general idea quickly, you will also develop your ability to think rapidly.

Enhanced productivity

It takes a lot of concentration to read rapidly. And if you sign up for a course and end up speed reading often, this degree of attention automatically develops.

Getting things done frequently requires putting away the noise and concentrating on the task at hand. Because of this, fast reading teaches you how to cultivate a state of attention that trains your mind to focus only on this one job.

After that, you can use the same talent for your regular tasks. Your output will increase by double, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

You can benefit from learning how to maximize your productivity or your memory from some of our other courses.

Enhanced discipline

It takes dedication to develop rapid reading skills. As you dedicate enough time and commitment to speed reading courses, you can apply it in other areas of your life.

Every new skill requires dedication and practice. You can develop a character you can use for other things you’re working on by setting goals, allocating daily or weekly to training, and experimenting with different speed reading techniques.

Takeaway: Double your current reading speed with a speed reading course

So, are speed reading courses effective? Yes, they are. 

However, it depends on why you sign up for the reading course. There is still no secret that makes it possible for you to read a book swiftly and precisely; there is always a cost.

Speed reading is appropriate when reading news stories or reviewing notes for a test. But when you need to understand the material, going slowly and steadily will get you there.

Iris Reading teaches students and professionals worldwide speed reading skills

For more information, get in touch with us today.

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