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Jobs 13 Famous Writers Had Before They Became Best-Selling Authors

Some of today’s best-selling authors got their start working jobs that are a far cry from being an author. The jobs, whether authors hated them or liked them, in turn, inspired them to write their best works. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Take a look at where these successful authors began. Agatha Christie Apothecaries’ […]

How College Students Can Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

The summer after you graduate high school always seems to be a bit of a blur. Between friends leaving for their next journey in life and you, yourself preparing to head out to college, there’s a lot to fit in in only a small amount of time. The ACTs and SATs you studied for (which […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Read Before Bed

What makes for a good night sleep? Is it a relaxing cup of tea? Or perhaps listening to music is something that helps you drift into your dream world? Actually, based on a study from the University of Sussex, they found that reading before bed worked the best. A solid seven to nine hours of […]

Destinations Every Book Lover Needs to Visit at Least Once

Ahhh, summer vacations. Time to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and discover new places. Best of all, it is time to catch up on reading! What better place to do so than in a city known for its love and support for books. For any literary lover looking for a new destination to explore, […]

Funniest Fiction Books Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Who doesn’t love a good read that has you rolling on the floor laughing? Funny books can be hard to come by, but with this list, you’ll have a whole bunch of fun reads to enjoy this summer. Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis (1954) Lucky Jim is the story of Jim Dixon, a lecturer in […]