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35 Compelling Opening Lines from Famous Books

What draws a reader to pick up a book varies. It could be that it is by a well-known author, or perhaps a classic that everyone reads in school. A good cover can do the trick too. But what about the first paragraph of a story? It has to be something that peeks curiosity and […]

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Children’s Books You Need to Reread As An Adult

You’re never too old to enjoy a good children’s book! Rereading children’s books as an adult can be very rewarding. The stories you knew and grew to love as a kid provide comfort, stress reduction, and the reward of rediscovering a youthful you. Rereading a children’s book as an adult also provides an outlet to […]

How To Score Better on the ACT Reading Section and Finish in Time

3 Ways To Increase Your ACT Reading Test Score To a 36

  Are you preparing for the ACT and having trouble finishing the reading test on time? This video covers a 3-step approach to reading and answering questions quickly and accurately. You can improve your ACT score by implementing the tips and strategies covered in this presentation. Feel free to let us know what you think […]

A Need For Speed Reading?

A Need For Speed Reading?

Sometimes we get asked the question… Is there really a need for speed reading? If we force ourselves to read the material faster, won’t that just take a way from the whole enjoyment of reading? Normally when it comes to our workshops, the need for speed reading is usually fuelled by the demands to consume […]

How to Adjust Your Reading Speed to Maximize Efficiency

How to Adjust Your Reading Speed to Maximize Efficiency

Reading with your hand is a fundamental tenet of speed reading. The reason you want to read with your hand (or a pen) is because your eyes are naturally attracted to motion. If you are reading with your hand or pen, what you can do very easily to maximize your efficiency is adjust your reading […]

5 Tips To Maintaining A Strong Focus While Reading

5 Tips for Maintaining A Strong Focus While Reading

In today’s world, handheld devices, instant messengers and other similar types of distractions, make it very hard to maintain a strong focus while reading. Now, I know what you are going to say: “But my device is the best thing that’s ever happened to me asides from discovering your super awesome blog posts Joe!!!” Regardless, […]