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Is Medical School Just Memorization?

Is Medical School Just Memorization? (Explained for Beginners)

The mind-boggling medical concepts and difficult-to-visualize human body construction often tempt medical schools to focus on memorization instead of critical thinking. For years, the general public has believed that medical school is all about memorization. Students aspiring to be physicians or surgeons often get disheartened when they realize their memorization ability is not up to […]

Five Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying

Five Ways The Top Students Get The Most Out Of Their Studying

There they are again! The top student in the class who radiates confidence, like they have been studying the same subject for years. The student that gets the grades and make it seem like they could teach the course themselves! You notice that they sit in class, just like you, taking notes and reading the […]

Spaced repetition learning technique

Spaced Repetition Learning Technique (Step-by-Step Guide)

In the spaced repetition technique, one uses increasing review intervals to keep important lessons fresh in the learners’ minds. This technique aims to keep concepts crisp while improving comprehension. The concept of spaced repetition was initially introduced in the book Psychology of Study by Cecil Alec Mace. Others were captivated by his idea of repetition […]