5 Side Effects Of Practicing "Focus" While You Read
5 Side Effects Of Practicing “Focus” While You Read

5 Side Effects Of Practicing “Focus” While You Read

5 Side Effects Of Practicing “Focus” While You ReadIn my previous post, I talked about five tips you can use to increase your focus while you read. This post is a follow up in which I share my thoughts about the five benefits you will receive in other areas of your life by developing your ability to focus better while you read.

There are many things you can do to improve yourself that will have a direct impact in other aspects of your life. For example, if you exercise and eat healthy, you will not only look and feel great, you will also have more energy and lower stress levels, which in turn can help you with your studies or advancement in your career. Similarly, practicing focus while you read will also benefit other areas of your personal and professional life.

Positive side effects you will experience when you improve your reading focus

  1. Self-Discipline. Self-discipline in life is built by maintaining a consistent high level of focus. That means that the more things you practice focus on, the higher level of self-discipline you will have. By training our ability to focus, we move forward on the road to achieving higher levels of self-discipline that will serve us well in just about any area of our lives that require it.
  2. High Levels Of Efficiency. Our brain is designed to focus on one task at a time. There are a lot of studies out there that support why focusing on one task at a time is a lot better then multitasking for improving overall efficiency. I highly recommend that you read the works of Peter Drucker. He talks a lot about focusing on one task at a time and why it is so beneficial to do so.
  3. Better Focus In Other Areas Of Life. When I got into Speed Reading and practicing the disciplines involved with it, I immediately noticed that I was able to transfer the increased ability to focus onto other areas of my life such as exercise and business related tasks. Every-time I am faced with a task that challenges my focus such as Speed Reading, I know that I am building a better ability to focus, which can then be applied to just about every other area of my personal life.
  4. Increased Comprehension And Retention. When you are focused on what you are reading, you will comprehend the information much better and retain it longer. In today’s world, there’s a lot of things that we need to get done every day. When we read with lack of focus, we miss out on some of the details in the material, and over time, this results in inefficiency.

By taking the time to focus solely on the task of reading, you’ll learn to minimize bad habits such as regression. Regression is when you go back and reading the same part of the material once again because you lost focus. The average reader regresses about 33% of the time when reading. This is a huge waste of time that can be remediated by exercising our ability to focus better while reading.

Training our focus is the key to get the most out of our time. By exercising your ability to focus while you read, you will notice that other areas of your life will also be positively improved.

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Joseph is an Iris instructor based out of Toronto. He loves to share his personal knowledge as an entrepreneur, and credits a lot of his success to speed reading techniques and productivity strategies.

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  • Sam

    Hey I liked your great article on 5 Side Effects Of Practicing “Focus” While You Read. Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me!

    • Joseph

      Thank you very much for your feedback!

  • Cal

    At first I thought I was going to have negative side effect from using Spreeder!

    Good article. So, if I continue to improve my focus on reading, this will help me improve my focus on tasks?

    That’ll be great. That is one area I can definitely improve on.


    • Joseph

      I found that to be the case. It’s like a muscle that needs to be trained regularly. Why not train it on reading :) I am sure you read a lot of blog posts right? I know I do, it’s a great way to build focus.

      Have a great night!