How To Read A Blog Post 3 Times Faster

How To Read A Blog Post 3 Times Faster

AccelaReaderHaving recently being introduced into the world of blogging, there is one thing I have to do everyday to keeps me informed. It is the simple task of reading blog posts by different people on different sites. This allows me to contribute to the conversation of each blog and is one of the main ways to I use to add contacts to my network.

The challenge however, comes with managing my time to read as many of them as possible. I recently made it a goal to read at least 25 blog posts a day. The question then becomes, what is the fastest way to accomplish this?

The answer is Accelareader!

What is this and how can it help you to read faster?

Accelareader is an online application based on a technology called RSVP, which stands for Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. It is a type of technology that displays text one or two words at a time, giving your eyes a break as they only have to focus on one spot instead of scanning across lines of text like in traditional reading. This results in an average reading speed increase of 25% to 40%. Another benefit if using RSVP is that it trains your eyes to read information faster.

Here is how I read blog posts for maximum efficiency.

  1. Load Accelareader on one tab in your web browser.
  2. Load the blog you are reading on another tab.
  3. Copy all the text from the blog post and paste it into Accelareader.
  4. Alternatively you can also use Accelareader’s bookmarklet to make this process more convenient.
  5. Once you text is in the app, adjust the speed and other settings to your liking, click begin, and hit the READ button.

I read at about 300 word per minute with a 2-3 word “chunk” size using Accelareader. With practice you too can read at double your normal reading speed.

The world of blogging can be very fun and addictive. There is a lot of great information out there and in order to get a good daily dose of it, we need to rethink our reading strategy. Luckily we have apps like Accelareader to give us the advantage of reading more in less time.

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Joseph Rodrigues

Joseph is an Iris instructor based out of Toronto. He loves to share his personal knowledge as an entrepreneur, and credits a lot of his success to speed reading techniques and productivity strategies.

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  • Eddie

    Wow,,,, 25 posts a day ?
    I am impressed and will sure try the accelreader from now on.
    What is your opinion about sub-vocalizing and how to overcome that habit?
    That is something I am still struggling with.
    Bookmarked you site and add it to my daily read list of blogs.
    Let’s see if I can make it up to 25 a day and still get some work done?
    Thanks for the info.

    • Joseph

      Hello Eddie, Thanks for your comment. I find that sub vocalization is reduced by using When we set a pace on the software that is a little more aggressive than our current reading speeds, we calibrate our ability to read faster and it’s done in part by reducing sub vocalization automatically. I find that doing it this way s a lot more natural way to reduce subvocalization. The more you practice Speed Reading techniques the more you will reduce subvocalization. My point is that one needs to pushing themselves to read around 25% faster using a tool like till they acclimate to that new speed with good comprehension. Then they will notice that they are not subvocalizing that much in the process. Hope that helps :)

      I am releasing new information about this topic soon. Join my mailing list to the right of this post to be updated with new breakthroughs in the art of Speed Reading.

  • Michael

    PS – I used the RSVP method to read your interesting article. Currently, I’m doing research on the best method for increasing both speed and comprehension.

  • Michael

    Yeah, I’m using a simple java script to perform RSVP. I read most articles at 700+ WMP, and I love reading now more than ever!

  • dai

    Thank you for the advice on using accelareader. The internet is definitely very overwhelming because you want to read this, that and possibly those but how can we when our time is limited.

    With accelareader, I start with a WPM that is a little over my base, then increase it by 50-80, than another 50-80, then go back to my initial WPM and it helps slowly increase my overall WPM.

    • Joseph

      Good strategy, that is exactly how I tell my students to do it!

  • Paul

    It sound stupid, but every time I blink my eyes I miss out some of the words. Is that normal?
    And should I start with 800 words per second to train eyes to get used to the speed or start with low speed and low chunk size?

    • Joseph

      Hey Paul,

      I would not start off that high. Try and adjust the speed so that it’s just a little hard to read but you are still comprehending most of what you read. Then as you increase your comprehension, you can increase the WPM speed. The trick is to push yourself a little harder each time and get your eyes used to reading faster.

  • Paul

    Chunk size should we actually use? does it matter?

    • Joseph


      Yes, use different chunk sizes to help you read multiple words at once with your peripheral vision. This might be challenging for some in the begging but with practice you can increase the chunk size. The more words you can read at once, the faster you will be able to read.

  • tonyj

    Hi Joseph, is there a technical support forum I can research. Accelaread was doing fine for a couple of hours than it just stopped. I’m using Firefox and I’m assuming one of my plugins is to blame but can’t seem to find the culprit.

    • Joseph

      Hello Tony,

      Thanks for your feedback. It might be your browser or your plug-ins because I have not had any problems with it. Also you can try which does the same thing and let me know how that goes. will be developed further to have more features so I recommend that you use that one more because you never know what enhancements will be made to improve the experience.

      Also if you use Firefox, you can use It is a RSVP Firefox plug-in. I think it is good but I rather use sites like and
      Hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else


  • Adnan Ali

    i of course will give it a try, never heard about such things before.Thanks for sharing.

  • Rojish

    This is completely new information for me. I never heard about Accelareader. Will try it. Thanks for sharing Joseph :)

    • Joseph

      Yes it is a great tool. Keep using it regularly and boost up your reading speed. Stay tuned for more great tips, tools and information on reading faster. Thank you very much for your comment!

  • Cal

    I’m up to 550 WPM @ 2 Chunks. I really love using Spreeder. I haven’t used Accelareader yet, but it looks like the same thing as Spreeder.

    25 posts a day! Good work!

  • Joseph


    Great work! You are at double the reading speed compared to the average reader.

    Accelareader is a lot cleaner then Spreeder also it is going to have more added functionality to build your speed even further. It has been built by a company I freelance for teaching Speed Reading Workshops in Toronto. I reccomend you start using it vs Spreeder :)

    Yes 25 posts a day, and now I am doing abut 25 forum posts a day also. Any good forum and blog recomendations that would be in my realm?