How Even The Busiest People Find Time To Read
How busy people read

How Even The Busiest People Find Time To Read

How busy people read

Quick! Think of the last book you read that you enjoyed. What was it? If you can’t think of any you’ve read in a while, it is time to get back into the routine of reading. Reading promotes sleep, decreases stress, and can enhance your memory too. With all the benefits that come with reading, it is essential to make time for it in your busy day-to-day life. Unfortunately, for many, it can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get to read. If you feel that way, follow these tips and see how even the busiest people can get reading back into their daily routine.

Find books that interest you

Ignore what you “should” be reading and find a book that you will enjoy. The New York Times Bestseller list is an excellent go-to for many, or you can try sites like Goodreads or BookBub. There are hundreds of book blogs on the web, all recommending the best reads focused on what bloggers enjoy. Better yet, see what your local librarian suggests. In 2019, libraries were more popular than movie theaters! If science fiction suits your fancy, hop on social media and follow others who enjoy that genre too! There are plenty of ways to get recommendations for books that you know will motivate you to read more.

Read more than one book at a time

Challenge yourself to read more by reverting back to a college-like curriculum routine. Reading more than one book at a time helps create a balance. Reading relevant material that can advance your career like a book about marketing, finance, or social skills can get dry if you do so all at once. To accompany those important reads, add a fun piece of fiction to spark your passion for getting into a reading mood. 


The New York Post published an article in April 2019 that stated, “the average daily American commute totals approximately 35 minutes. That’s about 152 hours — or 19 full work days a year — driving to work in their cars.” Think how much reading you can do as you sit in those dreaded commutes! Ditch the radio and download an audiobook to enjoy on your daily commute. Looking for some books to download for the road? We’ve compiled a list for you of all the books that make for the best audiobooks.

Go digital

If audiobooks aren’t for you, carry a book with you wherever you go. There are a lot of studies on the importance of reading a paperback book. However, not everyone has enough room in their computer bag to carry a copy of The Stand or Gone with the Wind. Thanks to Kindles, tablets, and smartphones, you can bring a book of any size with you! Download your book to all your devices, and whenever you have the time while you’re out and about, read your book from whichever one is on hand. Digital editions maintain a bookmark your page, so you are always on track to finish your book.

Set a reading goal

To meet your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reading goals, you need to have a reason for doing so. You should be able to answer the question, “Why do I want to read more?” If you are looking for some reasons, consider the following:

  • To further educate yourself on a topic that can help make you a better leader in your industry.
  • To have an alternative way to manage your health.
  • To stay sharp!
  • To equip yourself with information for an upcoming trip. 
  • To explore a genre you wouldn’t have thought to read before. 

Think of one thing and make that your motivator to continue a reading schedule.

Learn to speed read

Some of the busiest people find time to read because they are speed readers! When learning to speed read correctly, you can get through books faster than before without sacrificing comprehension. Think about all the material you could get through in a year without feeling pressed for time or guilty for not reading. Our online Speed Reading Foundation course is one you can learn on your own time to enhance your reading skills. 

Click to learn more today and how you can reintroduce reading back into your busy schedule.

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