How To Improve Concentration And Avoid Rereading
How to Improve Concentration While Reading And Avoid Rereading

How to Improve Concentration While Reading And Avoid Rereading

Being actively engaged in your reading is easier said than done. All of us have at some point struggled through dry, overly dense, technical, tedious, or boring reading material. One way to stay engaged is with a basic technique called active reading.

How to Improve Concentration While Reading And Avoid RereadingThe first step is to utilize your hand while reading. Because your eyes are naturally attracted to motion, using your hand as a guide is an easy way to stay more engaged with your reading.

By moving your finger from left to right at a steady pace, you can easily improve your concentration while reading.

You can also improve your concentration by taking systematic breaks while reading. For example, if you have a lot to read, take small breaks (less than one minute) after reading for 15 to 20 minutes.

This simple act provides yet another layer of repetition and reinforcement to help you remember more of what you read. These breaks can also help you avoid the dreaded zoning-out effect.

Try carving out a slot of time for your reading. During this time, strive to be in a quiet environment, and do not check email or take calls. By blocking out all distractions and dedicating a portion of your time exclusively to reading, you will be surprised by how much material you can cover.

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