I'm Done Reading, Now What?
I’m Done Reading, Now What?

What To Do Immediately After You Finish Reading

I’m Done Reading, Now What?You have just spent the last hour reading. Now what? Well, hopefully you utilized one of the many techniques illustrated within past tips to have aided you in maximizing your time, reading speed, comprehension, note taking, and recall. If not, then it is highly recommend that you do.

After all the reading material is completed, it is important to take a small break, stand up and walk around briefly, obtain a drink of water perhaps, and let your mind process what it just labored so long to intake. This is also a very good time to think about the key concepts and main ideas that were recently encountered and perhaps take some notes. It is advisable that one not go more than 30 straight minutes without some type of short interlude. This allows the brain to filter, process, and retain for future reference the more important ideas and details.

After all the above is finished and especially if you utilized the tips and techniques previously mentioned, then you most likely have saved some time, perhaps even lots of it!. If so, then what are you waiting for? Keep it going, and keep reading!

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