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books lost to time

7 Books That Were Lost To Time That We’d Love To Read

Years after the most celebrated authors of all time passed, came the discovery of evidence of more of their writings. Their manuscripts, some published but now lost forever, have scholars learning more about the author themselves as well as that period of time. Nathaniel Hawthorne once said, “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow […]

fears of public speaking

Fears of Public Speaking And Apps That Can Fix Them

It’s presentation day at work, and you’re shaking in your boots. Know that you aren’t the only one in the room who doesn’t care to stand up in front of a group of people, and pitch a ground-breaking idea to the company. Experts estimate that about 75% of the population has a case of glossophobia […]

exercises that keep your brain active during the day

5 Exercises That Will Keep Your Brain Active During the Day

How many times have you found yourself going from meeting to meeting to checking email to multitasking during your lunch hour? It isn’t uncommon for many professionals to forget to take a mental health break in their busy days. Breaks are essential because they prevent “decision fatigue,” motivate you, and, contrary to belief, help with […]

How Your smartphone Habits Impact Your Productivity

How Your Smartphone Habits Impact Your Productivity

1992 was the magical year when one piece of technology changed the way we operate to this day. IBM invented their Simon Personal Computer, releasing it two years later to the public. The brick-like device cost over $1,000 and had an hour’s worth of battery life. In 1994 the phone wasn’t capable of accessing email […]

how graduate students can read scientific papers

How Graduate Students Can Quickly Read And Comprehend A Scientific Paper

The coronavirus continues to dominate the news now with cities limiting gatherings to no more than ten people. Restaurants, bars, and local businesses are shutting down in the meantime to stop the spread of the virus. Colleges included. Classes continue for many graduate students as they move to a streaming platform, and researcher papers are […]

Irish Writers

11 Irish Writers To Read On St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s day! Today is the day to wear green, dine on corn beef, and enjoy a pint if you so choose to. The tradition dates back to the ninth or 10th century when Catholics in Ireland observed March 17th as the feast day Saint Patrick. Interestingly enough, the first St. Patrick’s day parade […]