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Do we lose memories forever

Do We Lose Memories Forever?

How many times has this happened to you? You are out with friends exchanging stories about your childhood when someone tells a story about you. For a second, you think they are playing a joke on you. “Did that really happen?” you ask yourself, pausing as you wish you could remember the memory on your […]

what is subvocalization

What Is Subvocalization and Why You Should Stop Practicing It

Everyone at one point or another has caught themself pronouncing words in their head while reading. What you are doing is called subvocalization, and it is one of the many things speed readers learn not to do when starting out. Years ago, as you were beginning to learn to read, you were taught to sound […]

100 Free History Ebooks From Project Gutenberg

100 Free History Ebooks From Project Gutenberg

Ebooks existed long before e-readers made their debut in 1991 with the Sony Data Discman leading the way. It weighed almost two pounds and required a CD to read a digital book. Seven years later, NuvoMedia Rocket eBook hit shelves, wowing avid readers with its lightweight (1.25 pounds) and 4MB of memory. Sony made a […]

reading more than one book at a time

Reading More Than One Book At A Time Has Incredible Benefits

Loss of time to activities you once enjoyed is part of the reality of being an adult, especially for book-loving busy professional or entrepreneur. Many find themselves reading required books and documents versus the science fiction novel they enjoyed back in college. There are ways of integrating reading back into your life by taking measures […]

longest novels of all time

8 Very Long Books Worth the Time They’ll Take to Read

It’s funny to think about how many avid readers will shy away from one long book when they are able to read the same amount of pages each month between several short books. Some readers share that this is because they have a set number of books they’d like to read in a year. One […]