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Do Deaf People Subvocalize When They Read

Do Deaf People Subvocalize When They Read? (Important Facts)

Subvocalization means sounding out words in the mind as we read them, which is how most people were taught to read. However, the case may be different for deaf people.  Most deaf people, especially those deaf from birth, don’t subvocalize when they read. They can’t associate sounds with words like hearing people. So instead, they […]

Inner Monologue and IQ

Inner Monologue and IQ (Are They Related?)

  There is a connection between a person’s inner monologue and intelligence. It is more likely for adults with developed verbal skills and a higher IQ to have a wordier inner voice than children with less language development and lower IQ.  However, some people access their internal monologue visually rather than audibly.  For instance, it […]

How to Speed Read a Novel?

How to Speed Read a Novel (Explained)

Speed reading a novel can be done quickly by practicing some reading methods. Fast readers tend to read about 60 pages per hour.  You can also improve your reading speed by following the techniques below: Reading chunks, not words. Skimming through Not rereading Using trackers or hand-pacing Using tools to help you increase your reading […]

Do Speed Reading Courses Work?

Do Speed Reading Courses Work? (4 Benefits)

Speed reading courses can teach you how to consume more content than you would normally be able to if you read at an average pace. This can aid your ability to study more, work harder, and manage your time more effectively. You can master speed reading through speed reading courses by eliminating subvocalization (silent speech) […]

How Does Speed Reading Affect Comprehension?

How Does Speed Reading Affect Comprehension?

Nowadays, most people suggest speed reading to solve many reading challenges. The term has become popular among book lovers and academic scholars alike.  However, it is important to assess whether this skill impacts reading comprehension in any way. If you increase reading speed, does it affect how much value you get? Speed reading may negatively […]

How to Speed Up Reading in IELTS

How to Speed Up Reading in IELTS (Answered!)

Speeding up reading in IELTS is about unlearning subvocalization and reading in word chunks instead to increase your speed. You’ll need a good grasp of speed reading techniques and a great deal of practice in IELTS-specific reading tests.  IELTS tests are designed to test proficiency in the English language through: listening tests,  reading tests, writing […]