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How to Speed Read a Magazine

How to Speed Read a Magazine

Let’s start with this basic assumption: You can read something faster if you are familiar with it. Most people would agree with this statement. The problem is that most of the material you read is not familiar to you, which is obviously one of the reasons why you would want to read it. So the […]

Famous Speed Readers

Top 7 Most Famous Speed Readers of All Time

Speed reading is a skill that lets you recognize and absorb rapidly the phrases or sentences you are reading. It is a drastic increase in word per minute rate when you are reading while still maintaining your comprehension level. It is an essential skill that not everyone has developed yet.  Over time, some famous speed […]

History of Speed Reading

Speedy History of Speed Reading

Gathering information is something all humans do naturally. So it’s only natural that once we learn to read, we want to start doing it faster so we can gather and absorb more information. One of the first insights into speed reading was developed through the United States Air Force using the methodology behind the tachistoscope, […]