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How to Speed Read for Increased Comprehension

How to Speed Read for Increased Comprehension (Explained!)

Learning how to speed read improves not only your overall reading process but also your reading comprehension. That’s because practicing speed reading accelerates your brain processes and boosts your memory, leading to increased comprehension.  Sometimes when people come across the words “speed reading,” what immediately comes to mind are ways of reading faster than the […]

How to Learn Speed Reading

How to Learn Speed Reading (For Beginners)

Speed reading is the ability to read and digest information fast. Increase your reading speed without missing any relevant details. You can do so by correcting bad reading habits, learning different techniques, and practicing speed reading today. Learning how to read is essential. Without a doubt, it is a vital process in acquiring new knowledge. […]

Is Subvocalization a Bad Reading Habit? (8-Minute Read)

Is Subvocalization a Bad Reading Habit? (8-Minute Read)

Subvocalization can be a good thing for those who want to sound out words and understand their meaning. However, it can also interfere with your comprehension and your ability to remember what you’ve read.  When subvocalizing, you’re not giving your full attention to the text, which can make recalling what you’ve read difficult. If you […]

Is Speed Reading Helpful?

Is Speed Reading Helpful? (Explained for Beginners)

Speed reading is an effective way to improve one’s ability to read quickly. To speed read, a silent reader must master eliminating subvocalization (silent speech). Furthermore, individuals can use their peripheral vision to link words together seamlessly. Speed reading comes in handy for doctors, lawyers, Ph.D. candidates, and anyone who wishes to read and comprehend […]

Is Quantum Speed Reading Possible?

Is Quantum Speed Reading Possible? (Quick Facts)

Quantum speed reading (QSR), also called wave reading or hado reading, is a revolutionary new reading technique that enables readers to read much faster and comprehend faster than their usual reading speed. The method claims to work simply by touching, smelling, listening, and flipping through the pages of the book, enabling the reader to comprehend […]

Skimming vs Speed Reading, What's the Difference?

Skimming vs Speed Reading, What’s the Difference?

Skimming is a method of reading whereby you read through a text quickly, without stopping to read every word. But speed reading requires you to read through a text at a faster pace than normal. Skimming is faster than speed reading because you don’t have to read every word.  Skimming and speed reading are both […]