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5 Tips To Overcome Reader’s Block

No matter how much of an avid reader you are, you are susceptible to experiencing “reader’s block.” Those that have reader’s block can’t seem to get past the first page of a book. Or, they haven’t read a book in ages. It is possible to get unstuck and reignite your passion for reading and the […]

How Does Reading Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

How Does Reading Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

After a long day’s work, it is nice to have an after-work routine to wind down for the evening. You see this all the time on TV and in the movies. A group of coworkers will go to the same bar every day and talk things over a pint of beer. For you, it may […]

The Four Things That Happen to Our Minds When We Read

The Four Things That Happen to Our Minds When We Read

When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a good novel? A novel that hooked you in and you felt that you benefited from it, and not just in the usual sense. Reading has an amazing effect on the brain other than keeping you entertained and educated. When you read a book, either […]

who doesn't read books in America

Who Doesn’t Read Books In America?

With all the book blogs, book box club subscriptions, and websites to find free books, you’d think that man Americans spend more time reading and less time watching TV. However, a 2019 Pew Research reported that 27 percent of US adults haven’t read a book in the past 12 months! Many survey respondents said that they don’t […]

How Much Coffee Should You Have After a Night’s Sleep?

Are you a nonfat chai latte kind of a person? Or are you a plain and simple black cup of coffee fiend? Some people cannot live without their shot of espresso in the morning while others need an energy drink midday pick-me-up. Whatever your caffeine intake is, you’ll be interested to find that the military […]