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Is Speed Reading Considered a Sport?

Is Speed Reading Considered a Sport?

Speed reading is a mind sport that requires specialized skills,  techniques, mental strength, and dedication to master. It is an exercise for the brain necessary for improving your intellectual abilities. The classification of sporting activities has generated a lot of debates from several quarters. Going by the dictionary meaning of the word, a sport is […]

What Are Comprehension Strategies?

What Are Comprehension Strategies? (Explained for Beginners)

Comprehension strategies refer to methods employed during reading to understand written material better. These techniques make it easier for a reader to make sense of what they are reading and help to improve their quality of thought, critical thinking, and creativity. As a student, you must develop adequate comprehension skills to get good grades and […]

What Words Are Hard To Lipread

What Words Are Hard To Lipread? (Helpful Examples)

Lipreading can be difficult for even the most experienced lip reader, as it tends to lead to misinterpretation of many words, including those that others speak rapidly or words with multiple meanings.  Lip reading, also known as speechreading or visual phonics, is the ability to interpret the movements of the lips, face, and tongue to […]

What Makes a Book Hard to Read?

What Makes a Book Hard to Read? (Quick Facts)

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy reading. Books can be a great way to spend your time, whether it’s for pleasure or learning. However, some books are more challenging to read than others. But what makes a book hard to read?  There are several reasons why a book might be hard to read. […]

Is Productivity the Same as Efficiency

Is Productivity the Same as Efficiency? (Helpful Examples)

Productivity and efficiency are related, but they do not mean the same. Productivity is the amount of work done in a specified time, considering inputs. Efficiency refers to how well you use resources and effort to produce quality results.  Doing more with less effort is efficient. You achieve true productivity when you get more done […]

What Books Are Hard to Read

What Books Are Hard to Read?

Reading can be habitual and entertaining, but you can have difficulty completing some books. If you are a determined reader, then you can undertake such tasks as a challenge that you must accomplish.  The problem with reading these books results from their complex subject matters and intelligible prose that does not give a reader an […]