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Do Speed Reading Apps Work

Do Speed Reading Apps Work? (Answered!)

The demand for speed reading apps continues to rise, given their effectiveness in helping people read and comprehend better. Speed reading apps are great tools for people who understand how to subvocalize and leverage peripheral vision to capture multiple texts simultaneously.  Learning speed reading requires understanding how to scan through blocks of text. This is […]

Does Speed Reading Harm the Learning Process

Does Speed Reading Harm the Learning Process? (7 Myths Debunked)

Speed reading doesn’t harm the learning process; on the contrary, it can help you increase your current reading speed. But to keep good comprehension levels high enough to understand what you are reading, you must constantly practice speed reading techniques. Does speed reading harm the studying process?  This is undoubtedly a guilt-inducing question you might […]

How to Speed Read for College

How to Speed Read for College (10 Tips from the Pros)

As a college student, you can develop your speed reading skills by unlearning subvocalization, training your peripheral vision, giving your eyes something to follow, such as a finger, and reading in word chunks as opposed to one continuous passage.  How often a day do you use your reading skills as a college student? A lot!  […]

How to Improve Reading Speed If You Have Dyslexia

How to Improve Reading Speed If You Have Dyslexia

Dyslexics can increase their reading speed by practicing more frequently, avoiding subvocalization, improving their visual span, and expanding their vocabulary. It may surprise you to learn that those who have dyslexia have a higher probability of becoming proficient speed readers. In his book “Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World,” Jeffrey Freed argues that children with […]

What Is Subvocalization in Reading

What Is Subvocalization in Reading? (Explained!)

Subvocalization is a form of silent speech. It is a subconscious trait that occurs when someone makes an internal speech to translate printed words by sound. It helps the mind to access meanings and remember the terms in a text.  Many people aren’t aware that they subvocalize while reading. However, the impact of this habit […]

How to Speed Read a Novel?

How to Speed Read a Novel (Explained)

Speed reading a novel can be done quickly by practicing some reading methods. Fast readers tend to read about 60 pages per hour.  You can also improve your reading speed by following the techniques below: Reading chunks, not words. Skimming through Not rereading Using trackers or hand-pacing Using tools to help you increase your reading […]