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How to Learn Speed Reading

How to Learn Speed Reading (For Beginners)

Speed reading is the ability to read and digest information fast. Increase your reading speed without missing any relevant details. You can do so by correcting bad reading habits, learning different techniques, and practicing speed reading today. Learning how to read is essential. Without a doubt, it is a vital process in acquiring new knowledge. […]

How to Speed Read on iPhone

How to Speed Read on iPhone (17 Best Apps)

The best way to speed read on iPhone is to learn how to read faster. Afterward, select the best app with the best interface, speed reading tips, and ease of use. Then learn to remember what you read. We all know that we should be reading more. But who has time? Like most people, you’ve […]

What Is Reading Speed Used For? (For Beginners)

What Is Reading Speed Used For? (For Beginners)

Reading speed is the rate at which a person reads printed or electronic text within a given amount of time, and it is typically measured by the number of words read per minute. The average reading speed of an adult is about 250 words per minute, but being average at reading won’t help your chances […]

How to Speed Read Email (Easy Checklist)

How to Speed Read Email (Easy Checklist)

These days, we are drowning in a flood of emails. It has become part and parcel of our daily lives. While it is good that you no longer need to meet someone in person or make long calls to pass a message across, it is getting in the way of your productivity. You are inundated […]

How Fast Do You Read?

Can You Read Faster? [test yourself]

Getting better at anything requires that you push yourself. The same goes for reading. If you want to boost your reading speed and comprehension, you’ll need to test your limits. Check out the videos below to see if you can keep up… How about speeding things up?

Factors That Influence Your Reading Speed [VIDEO]

How fast do you read? Is it above or below average? In the video below, you’ll learn about the variety of factors that influence your reading speed. You’ll also learn about the various benefits to increasing your reading speed from a productivity standpoint.