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Misconceptions About Speed Reading

What Are Some Misconceptions About Speed Reading?

If you’ve ever heard someone talk about how they read over 50 books in a year, it sounds impossible. Or a coworker at work finishes a 50-page document in an hour while it takes you double the amount of time for the same document. Upon comparing yourself to them, you try to figure out how […]

40 Of The Best Lines From Classic Literature

100 Of The Best Lines From Classic Literature

There is a reason why some authors have stood the test of time and remain a crucial part of the English curriculum in schools across the country. These authors have a way of making sentences and quotes stick with the reader, who will carry those lessons on with them for the rest of their lives. […]

40 Audiobooks That Are Better Than The Print Version

50 Audiobooks That Are Better Than The Print Version

Reading has a positive effect on the mind. The benefits of reading include that it helps to reduce stress, improves your vocabulary, and increases your emotional intelligence and capacity for empathy.  The way a book is formatted can affect how quickly you can read. E-reading can present some problems, especially if you are doing so […]

7Book Adaptations Streaming

7 Of The Best Book Adaptations Streaming Now

Sometimes it feels like you’re cheating on an author by watching the TV show based on their book before you get the chance to read the book itself. However, it is always fun to see what direction producers and directors take the book in. While searching to watch something on TV these past few months, […]

what is subvocalization

What Is Subvocalization and Why You Should Stop Practicing It

Everyone at one point or another has caught themself pronouncing words in their head while reading. What you are doing is called subvocalization, and it is one of the many things speed readers learn not to do when starting out. Years ago, as you were beginning to learn to read, you were taught to sound […]

reading more than one book at a time

Reading More Than One Book at a Time (9 Incredible Benefits)

Loss of time for activities you once enjoyed is part of the reality of being an adult, especially for book-loving busy professionals or entrepreneurs. Many find themselves reading required books and documents, and not so much the science fiction novel they enjoyed back in college.  There are ways of integrating reading back into your life […]