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How to Speed Read on iPhone

How to Speed Read on iPhone (17 Best Apps)

How to Speed Read on iPhone

The best way to speed read on iPhone is to learn how to read faster. Afterward, select the best app with the best interface, speed reading tips, and ease of use. Then learn to remember what you read.

We all know that we should be reading more. But who has time? Like most people, you’ve probably been reading at the same speed since high school. What if there was a way to speed up the process?

Time is a valuable resource. You cannot afford to scan emails and read the same text block for half an hour.

You must train your brain to absorb information faster and to be more productive.

There are many speed-reading apps in the market. Some of our favorites include Iris Reading Tips, Spreeder, Accelareader, and QuickRead. These apps allow you to customize speed reading and help you track progress.

Ahead, we expound on how to improve speed reading with iPhone apps. We also list the best iOS speed-reading apps.

Let’s dive in!

How to improve your reading speed with iPhone apps

Download an app with RSVP technology to enhance your reading speed with iPhone apps. Secondly, you’ll need to stop bad reading habits. Also, better your comprehension, and boost your memory.

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Select an app with RSVP or another system to train your brain

The core concept of speed-reading apps is to display written information faster. These apps train your brain to process information more quickly.

Find an app that suits your style and needs, and you don’t have to limit yourself to one.

Popular speed reading apps use Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. They also incorporate video tutorials to help you practice speed reading. The technology enables you to cut bad reading habits like subvocalization and regression.

The rationale behind RSVP reading technology is natural eye movements limit your reading. We also tend to regress to reread a text and sound out words as we read. By training your peripheral vision and limiting regression, you read more text.

Accelareader, an app with Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, flashes one word after another. It teaches your brain to get used to seeing more words per minute.

To use it, paste the text you want to speed read, choose the words per minute, and press play.

Bee Line Reader style apps (we explain more below) change the font color, thus making it easier to differentiate the following line. Other best-speed reading apps highlight words.

Some of the best speed reading apps combine Bee Line Reader style and RSVP.

Practice speed reading with comprehension

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Reading comprehension is the ability to interact with text and internalize its meaning. You must understand what you’re reading when speed reading.

Create mental images of the text to help you remember. Connect the new information with prior knowledge for reading to be effective.

You’ll also need to practice speed reading with an app like the Iris Speed Reading Tips. Daily practice will yield significant results.

The normal reading speed for college students and graduates is 250 wpm. The normal reading rate for a speed reader is 300-400 words per minute.

The best speed reading apps help you get to 400-700 wpm without sacrificing reading comprehension.

Note that speed-reading technical information or any information you’re unfamiliar with is challenging.

Additionally, set realistic goals as you practice. Don’t try to read too fast, too soon. Start with a manageable goal, such as reading 300 words per minute. With time, you’ll increase your reading speed.

Boost your memory with memory tips

It would be a waste of time if you learned how to speed read but couldn’t retain much of what you read. With Iris Reading’s speed reading and memory courses, you can self-learn speed reading with comprehension. You also learn to remember much of what you read. 

Memory is a cognitive function. You can improve it by taking a memory course. Exercise your brain and use mnemonic devices to boost your memory further.

Iris’s Reading Maximizing Memory course teaches how to improve memory. 

Here is what else you can do:

  • Look for the best speed reading apps with memory games and keep playing them to stimulate your brain.
  • Learn something new, like speed reading at a higher reading speed or playing the guitar. Learning something new stimulates and challenges your brain. It creates new neural connections, thus enhancing cognition.
  • Use an RSVP reader. Reading stimulates the brain. Flashing texts stimulates the brain even more. You force the brain to absorb and process information faster than usual. It also improves focus.
  • Use mnemonic devices such as acronyms, rhymes, or rhyming songs to help you remember.

Look out for best features in speed reading apps

One feature you must look out for when selecting a speed-reading app is RSVP technology. Check for apps with the BeeLine Reader style and adjustable words per minute. You’ll also need customizable fonts and colors to personalize your reading experience.

Choose an app that allows you to save web pages, and read EPUB ebooks and ebooks in any other format.

Also, look for the best speed reading apps with tutorials. Check for an in-built progress tracking feature to track your speed reading rate.

Best iPhone apps to boost your reading speed

The best iPhone apps to boost your reading speed are divided into two categories. They’ll either highlight or flash words so that you go through text faster or they’ll teach you reading techniques to help you read faster, remember and comprehend more. Few apps offer both functionalities.

Most are free speed reading apps, but some have in-app purchases. The free versions have enough features to help you pick a speed-reading app that meets your needs.

Here is a list of the best speed-reading apps on iPhone.

1. Iris Speed Reading Tips speed reading app for iPhones

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Iris Speed Reading Tips is an information-packed app. It has information on speed reading, comprehension, and retention. It also includes practical speed reading exercises you can practice daily.

The lessons are well-structured and concise. It’s good to start here if you are new to speed reading. Then practice these tips on best speed reading apps that highlight, flash text, or color-code words.

2. Outread speed reading app for iPhones

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Are you looking for an app that can save web pages and add content to your to-be-read list? Outread helps you achieve that. You’ll read documents and content at higher-than-normal reading speeds.

Outread is also the best iOS app for news. It helps you concentrate on small chunks of words when speed reading. Two selectable reading modes support PDF, RTF, and DRM-free e-pub and TXT ebook formats.

In flash mode, one word flashes on the screen as you read. As you progress, you can adjust the words per minute from slow to fast.

The second reading mode highlights texts. You learn to read faster by following a highlighted section of text. Remember to adjust the reading speed to a level you can manage.

A significant pro of this app is that you can personalize your reading experience. The app allows you to change the font style and size. You can also change the highlighter contrast to your liking.

Once you upgrade to the $4.99 premium version, you can add almost any reading to your list.

Copy text, save articles, or upload your own reading material. Similarly, sync with third-party news apps like Instapaper and Pocket as extra reads on Outreader. The app is also easy to navigate.

3. Spreeder speed reading app for iPhones

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Spreeder is one of the best speed-reading apps. It has a powerful RSVP reader and speed reading training. It’s available on iOS or Android devices and other platforms- all browsers, PCs, and desktops.

Spreeder includes guided and unguided reading and expert training. Its video tutorials and exercises will help you read faster. The app will help you boost your memory and cut subvocalization.

The app has four reading modes. Flow, tachistoscopic scroll presentation, text highlighting, and rapid serial visual presentation. With just a few taps, you change from regular reading mode to speed reading mode.

You can adjust your reading speed to a comfortable pace and track progress in charts as you improve.

Spreeder also has a great tracking system for your reads, and there is the option of syncing the app with many devices.

With these features, you can easily read an entire ebook on your iPhone in the app’s reading mode.

Spreeder supports up to 46 different file formats, which is amazing. It has a rich resource center with speed reading materials and ebooks. You can also upload reading material.

Subscribers have access to more than 20,000 classic free ebooks. Further, you can create up to 5 user accounts for reading partners or family members. The premium version offers more tutorials, some designed to cut time-wasting habits.

4. Readlax speed reading app for iPhones and Android devices

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Readlax, a highly rated speed reading app, has a sleek modern interface. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. It offers both speed reading training and intensive memory training with brain workouts. 

The app uses a comprehension test to check your workout progress and gives valuable feedback.

Reading comprehension is critical in speed reading. It is a multifaceted cognitive function encompassing reading skills such as decoding text.

It also includes language skills like a rich vocabulary and encoding. Others are mental processes such as memory and peripheral vision. The more you hone these skills, the better you are at speed reading and understanding text.

From the app, you can choose between three kinds of training. Memory training, speed reading, or brain workouts. The app has a calendar that monitors your progress.

Readlax also offers compatibility with major ebook repositories. These include Scribd, Google Books, and Kindle Cloud Reader.

Moreover, it’s available in seven languages, which you can switch to in the settings. Ukrainian, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese.

The free version is okay, but if you want more, the monthly subscription is $5.99.

5. QuickReader speed reading app for iPhones

How to Speed Read on iPhone

QuicReader is one of the best speed reading apps for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. QuickReader is easy to use, has a clean and minimal interface, and the main speed reading style is the rapid serial visual presentation.

To enhance customer experience, QuickReader has settings where you can adjust the speed reading rate from 40 wpm to 10,000 wpm. You can customize the font color and page margins or use it as an EPUB reader app.

Users have access to 2,000,000 ebooks and several speed reading exercises. To get more exercise, you’ll need to pay $5. There’s also a lighter version with limited functionality. A con is all the books are only available in English.

6. Speed Reading – read faster apps for iPhones

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Speed Reading app is for adults and kids, which is why it has a simple, user-friendly interface. The app trains on memory and better focus. 

The memory and attention enhancement exercises assist in memorizing numbers and words fast. They train you to focus better and expand your field of view, thus improving your reading speed.

The free version has basic exercises. Premium subscribers can access a fully-fledged reading course with motivational quotes.

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Training modes include neural accelerator, word pairs, line of sight, Schulte table, and more.

With the Speed Reading app, you’ll get more time at work and home because you become an efficient reader. The app also expands your vocabulary and improves retention. It also sharpens your ability to find key themes in text fast.

After using the app, you’ll improve your analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The app allows you to download ebooks in TXT, fb2, and EPUB formats to increase your reading material. It also has a success diary to track your progress. The paid version goes for $3.49.

7. ReadMe!for Android and iOS devices

How to Speed Read on iPhone

ReadMe is another easy-to-navigate speed reading app with a great appealing interface. It is best for reading ebooks because it combines BeeLine reader and spritz technology. Available for iOS or Android devices, ReadMe has an excellent reading experience. The app also has a web version.

Beeline Reader style highlights text in different colors to help you follow through when reading. Spritz technology is like RSVP technology, and it precedes it.

In the ReadMe app, you can choose BeeLine style or spritz technology when reading.

The ReadMe App also syncs ebooks across different platforms. It supports EPUB and PDF documents, Word, TXT, and Dyslexic font formats for people with reading disabilities.

8. BeeLine Reader for iPhones

This built-in web browser doesn’t change font style or size. Instead, it changes the text color. It is best for long reading sessions because it reduces eye fatigue.

The subtle highlighter color contrasts each sentence. It makes it easier for eye movements and to read sentences faster.

9. Speed Reading IQ for iPhones

How to Speed Read on iPhone

This app is best for honing speed reading and retention skills. The free speed reading app has 20+ speed reading exercises. It also has challenges with numbers, word searches, and identifying symbols. 

You can download EPUB ebooks and read them in 36 languages.

10. Accelerator: Speed Reader for iPhones

Accelerator helps you speed up how fast you read and works well with Safari. The clean interface and many useful tools will help you break bad reading habits.

You may explore and save content from the web and other apps supported. There are three motifs for your edification and ease of reading. You can also save your reading material in a list.

Accelerator utilizes a specialized typeface to enhance your reading experience. You can also read articles from Instapaper and Pocket. Share your favorite posts with your online friends. The app supports sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and other apps.

11. Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer for iPhones

Acceleread is one of the best personalized and comprehensive speed reading apps. It is available on iTunes and effectively trains you to be a faster and more efficient reader.

Once you download the app, you’ll take an initial test to determine your speed reading ability. After that, set the speed reading level you’d want to reach. The app then assigns you a suitable course that is systematic and graded from the baseline test.

Acceleread training tools are a plethora of video tutorials. The speed reading app also has exercises to help you improve your reading skills. Moreover, the app allows you to upload DRM-free ebooks and use them for training, which is unique.

The app promises a significant improvement in speed reading in 10 days.

12. REaD EyE speed reading app for iPhones

REad EyE is a speed reading app whose goal is to make speed reading as straightforward as possible. 

To use this speed reading app, you copy text from any website or webpage on your iPhone. Then you paste it into the read faster app. You can then read the text at any speed you want.

13. Blinkist reading app for iPhones

How to Speed Read on iPhone

Having little time to read books shouldn’t stop you from reading. With Blinkist, you can get key ideas from thousands of books in a quarter an hour. It is not a speed reading app; rather, it summarizes the content and increases the speed of audiobooks.

Experts summarize content from over 3000 bestsellers in various genres, from leadership, entrepreneurship, and communication skills, to nature and environmental issues. Other categories are sociology, money matters, arts, and education.

Read or listen to any text length after downloading the app and following the simple steps. Listening takes a lot longer, but you can double the speed.

With Blinkist, you learn so much about non-fiction topics. You’ll never run out of content to explore because the company adds 40 new books each month.

14. Reading Trainer for iPhones

We often need to learn something new fast or pick out key concepts in a text as fast as we can. Reading Trainer is ideal for students to improve their research and studying skills. It helps you master speed reading with fun exercises.

Once you download the app, you must read a short piece of writing and answer multiple-choice comprehension questions.

The speed reading app determines your current reading speed and how much you can retain from the short test. It then assigns you exercises to help you better your speed reading skills.

15. Syllable for iOS

Like other best-speed reading apps, Syllable helps you cut subvocalization, which is sounding out words in your head as you read. Subvocalization is a bad reading habit that is hard to unlearn. Teachers socialize you into it in preschool when you learn to read.

Syllable flashes one word after another on the screen comfortably, allowing you to practice and improve speed reading.

It lets you customize the fonts, words per minute, and text format to personalize your reading experience.

If you struggle with insomnia, Syllable is a good solution as it has a night mode option should you want to do some light reading at night. The paid version goes for $2.99.

16.  Focus speed reading app

How to Speed Read on iPhone

The Focus speed reading app available for iPhones has a cool, clean interface. It will have you speed reading at a maximum of 1000 wpm. The app utilizes the RSVP reading style and has a built-in web browser to run through the latest news. 

One interesting feature of this app is that it incorporates an Apple watch app. You can download web content, read ebooks, and save articles to read on your watch.

17.  Boba speed reading app for iPhones

Boba is a speed reading app available for iOS devices and Safari browsers. It comes last because it only supports iOS 8.1 or later, and there are no current updates.

Boba uses spritz technology, flashing text across the screen. The app allows you to adjust your reading pace and save your favorite web pages.

Takeaway: Choose the most suitable app to speed read on your iPhone

Learning how to read faster on your iPhone is possible with the best speed reading apps. For the best experience, look for apps with reading and training modes. Also, look for customizable fonts, colors, and adjustable words per minute.

Check out Iris’s Reading speed reading and memory courses for professional memory training.

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