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50 Long Words Beginning with E & Their Meanings

50 Long Words Beginning with E & Their Meanings

50 Long Words Beginning with E & Their Meanings

Whether you are preparing for a standard test like the scholastic aptitude test (SAT), the graduate record examination (GRE), or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will tell you some long words beginning with the letter E. These words will consist of up to 15 letters and will surely be a great addition to your vocabulary. 

So, let’s get started!


The transfer of charged particles through a stationary substance when an electric field or current is applied across the surface, usually through charged rods dipped into the substance. 

Alternate definition: a separation technique used to separate charged substances from a mixture based on their size and charge by moving them through a matrix with different-sized pores. 


Banishing a member of the Christian Church from communion. 


Scientifically studying traditional, ethnic, or non-Western music as an aspect of a culture and a means to better understand the said culture. 

Alternative definition: Comparative analysis of ethnic music. 


A colorless liquid compound (C3H5ClO) that’s volatile and is used in the manufacturing of resins. 


A practical or visual demonstration to educate about a process – explaining how something works.


The study of how magnetic and electric fields react and interact with electrical charges in motion. 


Using different methods of experimentation to test theories and determine their validity.


Anything that’s not a part of verbal language.


The graph is produced when an electrode is placed in a muscle. The graph is created by measuring the electrochemical activity of the muscles and is used to establish the state of a neuromuscular disorder. 


Anything with a net negative charge, i.e., has more negative charges than positive charges. The opposite of this would be electropositive. 


A modified version of dialysis where the suspension’s rate of separation is increased by applying an electric field across the dialyzing membrane. 


Going beyond the norms to devote oneself to the principles and teachings of the Christian Church. 


A process used for imaging the brain by using air as a contrasting agent in place of the cerebrospinal fluid.


A special kind of pathogen that can affect plants or animals – these are bacteria that are Gram-negative and have a rod-like shape. 


Explaining something unclear. 


People who use mathematical and statistical theories to address economic problems to better understand the data, develop new models, and test theories. 


Climate calamities are induced by the effects of humans on the planet Earth. 


The theologian bran that studies the Church to understand its nature, functions, and constitution of the Christian Church.


Radially symmetrical marine invertebrates, e.g., sea cucumbers, starfishes, and sea urchins.


Understanding the relationship between an organism and its environment. 


The act of not stressing too much about things and being laid-back. 


Believing that one’s interests come before anyone else’s and using this reasoning as a basis of the philosophy of one’s life. 


Someone who has intellectual talent. 


Offensive or bad in a very apparent way. 


The ability to be effective at producing the desired outcome. 


Something that requires you to put in hard work and effort to make it happen. 


Ideas, beliefs, or campaigns are driven by a central principle that everyone should have political, social, civil, and economic equity. 


The study of understanding the physiology of insects. 


Someone who is innovative comes up with a creative business idea and executes the idea with all its potential risks. 


Someone or something extraordinary.


Something or a phenomenon that exists outside the body. 


The state of being out of the ordinary or exceptional. 

Alternative definition: not conforming to the ruling/common beliefs or principles, especially in the case of nations. 


It is a philosophy of life that revolves around three main things: individuality, creation’s unexplainable nature, and the consequences of our actions. It emphasizes that every individual has a unique experience in an unfamiliar universe, which it even considers hostile times. Moreover, it states that creation (and the existence of humans) cannot be explained. Lastly, it emphasizes the freedom of speech and choice while maintaining that actions have consequences for which we must be held accountable. 


Using an electric field or current to cut open tissue, destroy it, and melt it together is often used for cauterization. 


Done without prior planning – impromptu; for instance, a spontaneous dance-off. 

Alternative definition: to prepare something beforehand but not have any material with you to help you later on, e.g., an impromptu keynote speech.

Alternative definition: Someone who is naturally good at handling an unprepared oratory task. 

Alternative definition: Something that is makeshift or done impromptu. 


To surgically remove the inner lining of a blood vessel (especially an artery) blocked by the buildup of atherosclerotic fat. 


The formation of new red blood cells in the bodies of different organisms. 


Raising something to the power of a given exponent. 


A chemical reaction produces products that are classified as esters. These products are formed by combining one acidic group (-OOH) and one alcohol (-OH) by removing one water molecule. 


Used outside a vehicle in space or on the surface of another planet/object in the solar system. 


The process whereby living organisms produce electrical current, such as an electrical eel. 


Something that’s found on the continent itself or on the continent shelf.


The act of enchanting an object or person or bewitching it. 


The act of emulsifying something. An emulsified mixture is a mixture that contains hydrophilic and hydrophobic components mixed together. 


A process whereby organisms replicate without requiring cell division.  


A state of having a parasite taking up space inside a host’s body or cells. 


Equivalent in measures of power, significance, or force. 

Alternative definition: logically discernible from one another. 


Someone capable of expressing extraordinary feats that require physical balance, such as walking on a tightrope. 


To make something equivalent to another thing. 


A less widely-known word that is used for egalitarians. 


A medical condition in which tissue that is similar to the inner lining of the uterus starts growing in places outside the uterus. This can happen in areas such as the ovaries or the fallopian tubes. 

Wrapping up

Now, these were many new words you just learned today. We hope this new knowledge will help you succeed in your tests and life as a whole. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get ready!

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