Creating & Remembering Strong Passwords

Easily Creating & Remembering Strong Passwords [VIDEO]

Creating and remembering strong passwords is more important today than ever before. Unfortunately, the number one reason why most of us don’t create strong passwords is because they’re harder to remember.

We’ve written about some really good memorization techniques before, as well as a very helpful strategy you can use immediately to strengthen your passwords, and protect yourself.

You can watch the video version of that memory technique here:

So, have you noticed the recent trend of news regarding data breaches in organizations, both private and public?

From financial institutions to government agencies, many organizations put their confidential and proprietary data/information at risk because people in their ranks use weak passwords.

Recently, Google launched a new site called Google My Activity, which shows absolutely everything Google knows about their users. All of the data that Google collects about your activity on the web can be found there.

Now let’s think about what this means for you and the importance of creating strong passwords.

If someone guessed your Google password and gained access to your account, they could easily view:

  • Websites you’ve visited
  • YouTube videos you’ve watched
  • Search engine queries you’ve made, and more…

This detailed record of your activity history does not include Incognito activity (you’re familiar with this if you use Google Chrome as your web browser), but it still means that you could be one weak password away from having a significant amount of private information exposed.

Watch and share the video above so you and your colleagues can learn how to create strong and secure passwords, and more importantly, how to remember them more easily.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think about this memory technique in the comments section below!

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