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libraries are popular

In 2019 Libraries Were More Popular Than Movie Theaters

  We’ve all heard the statement, “I liked the book better than the movie.” It seems to be the case these days that many books are now featured on the big screen. A few examples include Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, and The Witches by Roald Dahl. These are all great […]

cell phone addiction

Your Brain Doesn’t Recharge If You Use Your Phone on Break

It’s funny (and freighting) at the amount of time people spend on their phones. Go to any cafe in the morning, and take a look around at what others are doing. You’ll see some folks reading a book or a paper (which we encourage!), especially if they are on a break from work. Although, chances […]

How Much Coffee Should You Have After a Night’s Sleep?

Are you a nonfat chai latte kind of a person? Or are you a plain and simple black cup of coffee fiend? Some people cannot live without their shot of espresso in the morning while others need an energy drink midday pick-me-up. Whatever your caffeine intake is, you’ll be interested to find that the military […]

How To Remember What You Read Using Mnemonic Devices

A huge exam is coming up, and you’re studying and reading the material carefully. For some reason, the next day at your study group, you have trouble thinking back to what you read the night before. Are you frustrated and nervous about having difficulty remembering what you read? By learning the different mnemonic devices, you […]

Memory Palace

How To Create a Memory Palace To Remember Information

The Method of Loci, or memory palace, is one of the oldest mnemonic devices that helps you to memorize anything from your grocery list to information needed for presentations or exams. In our previous article, What is the Method of Loci, we explained that “loci” is the plural form of the word locus, meaning location. […]

At Which Age Do Memories First Form?

The concept of memory is a fascinating topic that researchers are still trying to understand. In a previous article, An Overview of How the Human Memory Works, we dug deep and figured out that the brain is like a muscle that needs a good workout daily. The more use the synapses and pathways between neurons […]