Why Children Learn Faster than Adults
do kids learn faster than adults

Why Children Learn Faster than Adults and How You Can Learn Their Tricks

do kids learn faster than adults

Schools all teach in the same fashion, but there is no universal way of learning. No two brains are alike, and the way one person learns may be difficult for another person. Especially when you compare how much quicker kids can learn a new skill than an adult. Researchers found that as a person ages, they have a more difficult time learning a new skill. If in your “old” age you want to further your education quickly, you’ll want to take these tips from children and do as they do.

How do children learn?

By nature, children are programmed to learn until they reach an age and have all the skills needed to function in the real world. Schools are safe spaces where kids can learn without stress interfering with their education. They are also in an environment where they can learn from their peers. They look towards older children for direction and a reward, such as a smile, encourages them to continue to further their education. Children learn subject-centered going at a pace appropriate for their age. All of this to say is different than how an adult learns. 

How do adults learn?

Adults differ in the way they pick up a new skill because their intentions are different from that of a child. Generally speaking, adults make an active choice to learn something to continue growing as a person. For example, an adult who enjoys writing and wishes to publish a book may opt to take a creative writing class. They come to the class with experience, values, and the drive to use what they learn to meet their goal.

Another characteristic of adult learning is that it is learner-centered, meaning they focus on subjects that they can apply to their professional life. You will see an adult resist against attending a conference or seminar when they don’t see the need for it in their career. The same could be said for college students. Universities require students to continue math, English, and sciences despite their majors not requiring higher-education in those fields. 

Key takeaways that you can learn from children

A variety of factors play a role when it comes to children learning new things faster than adults. One of the most significant factors is lack of time. Kids do not have the same responsibilities as an adult, and while you’re cooking dinner after working all day, they have the time to learn a new language or instrument. Another factor preventing you from learning as quickly as a child is fearing looking foolish in front of others. Children will look back on a situation and feel embarrassed, but in the present moment, they don’t feel that way at all. One last thing you can take away from the way children learn is that they focus on the missing piece of information for short bursts of time. When a child is reading and comes across a new word, they will focus on that one word until they understand it. The same can be said for adults who are learning a new skill.

Strengthen your memory as an adult

If you have a goal to learn how to play the guitar by the end of the year, you may want to take a tip from your children. You should bear in mind that there are some skills that you can learn easier than other adults. A colleague at work may be a rock star at the guitar. Meanwhile, you have a hard time reading music and playing an instrument simultaneously. What scientists are finding is that as a person ages, their brain becomes inflamed, damaging the neurons in the brain that help with memory. You can protect your brain by learning new things and acting like a kid again! Be sure to get plenty of sleep, learn how to handle stress correctly, interact with friends, exercise, and eat a healthy diet. All of these factors play a role in reducing brain inflammation, making it easier to continue educating yourself and retaining that information too.  

Over the years, Iris Reading has seen our fair share of students and professionals excited at how quickly they pick up on speed reading. Our online speed reading courses are direct and explain in detail how you can be a more productive adult in all aspects of life by learning how to speed read. Copy these examples of how a child learns and you can pick up any new skill in no time.

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  • Lindell Waters

    That’s the most logical reason why kids learn faster than adults that I’ve heard, the scientific way makes no natural sense but may be true. But I’m more with the concept that kids learn faster because there’s nothing else in their heads to get in the way it sounds simple but may be true, if you don’t have a million life worries to deal with you can focus on one thing a million times better hahaha no science but that got to be true. Simple is it easier to think about five things and then another, or is it easier to think about 1 million things, and then another think of the logic in that simplicity goodbye scientist