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8 Long Words About Love (& Their Meanings)

8 Long Words About Love (& Their Meanings)

8 Long Words About Love (& Their Meanings)

Sometimes, how you tell people you love them creates a lasting impression. “I love you” is so common that it may lack enough weight to express how you feel.

It’s no secret that using long words can help you stand out and impress. Thus, instead of using the simple “I love you,” you may want to use long words about love to express your unique and endearing feelings.

Do you need help finding the right long words to express how you feel?

Some long words about love include twitterpated, monomaniacal, heavenliness, pulchritudinously, and aphrodisiacal.

Read on as we examine these rich-sounding, long words about love and many others. Specifically, we’ll look at the meaning of these long words about love, their origin, and how to use them.

Examples of long words about love

The long words about love appeal to people with sesquipedalianism and those with hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Now those are some long words! The former means the tendency to use long words, while the latter is the fear of long words.

The long words about love are rich-sounding enough to appeal to those who love using long words. Interestingly, these long words are not overly long, making them appeal to people with a phobia of long words.

The top examples of long words about love are:

  • Twitterpated
  • Monomaniacal
  • Heavenlinesses
  • Perfervidly
  • Bewitching
  • Pulchritudinously
  • Aphrodisiacal
  • Attractiveness

1. Twitterpated

Twitterpated means being overcome by strong romantic feelings. It has nothing to do with the bird app – Twitter.

Twitterpated was first used in the 1942 Disney film Bambi to describe the intense feelings of love and attraction one of the characters had for his lover.

The long word is created by fusing two words – pate (which means head) and twitter (which is a light chattering representing a confused state). Twitterpated means having one’s pate in a twitter, meaning having one’s head all over the place (confused).

When Twitterpated, your head is “all over the place” because of love. It means being swept off your feet by someone you love.

So, instead of the regular “you sweep me off my feet,” dress it up with the long word Twitterpated. Say something like, “I am completely Twitterpated.”

2. Monomaniacal 

Monomaniacal means suffering from “monomania,” a condition in which someone is extremely interested in only one person, thing, or idea. 

Monomania is derived from two Greek words – mono (which means one) and mania (which means madness). So, it is a form of partial insanity where the sufferer is obsessed with a single thing or idea.

“Monomania” is a mental condition in which someone is consumed by a single obsession. So, its derivative “monomaniacal” is a perfect long word for describing love episodes.

So, instead of the regular “I’m madly in love with only you,” dress it up with the 14-letter adverb “monomaniacally”. Say something like, “I’m monomaniacally into you.” 

3. Heavenlinesses

Heavenlinesses describes something very pleasing. It is the plural of heavenliness, which means the state or quality of being heavenly. 

Heavenly is an adjective of the noun “heaven”, which is derived from the Old English word “heofon,” meaning “home of God.” With the different religions of the world believing that the “home of God” is a place of perfect bliss, heavenly is used to describe something showing superlative positiveness.

The most common everyday use of the word “heavenly” means something so lovely, beautiful, amazing, or wonderful that it seems like it comes from heaven. So, the long word “heavenlinesses” describes attributes that are very, very, very lovely and pleasing.

So, instead of the traditional “I love you so much I can’t be without you,” dress it up with the long word heavenlinesses. Say something like, “the glorious heavenlinesses of my feelings for you show that I cannot be without you.

4. Perfervidly

Perfervidly is the adverb form of perfervid which means extremely or excessively passionate.

The word “perfervid” is derived from the Latin verb fervēre, which means “to boil.” So, perfervid refers to a bubbling up of intense feelings.

The familiar word “fervent” comes from the same Latin root. While both words mean having intense affection, perfervid suggests an exaggerated expression of affection/ emotion. Anything that’s perfervid is full of intense emotions.

So, instead of the traditional “I’m falling head over heels in love with you,” dress it up with the 11-letter long word “perfervidly.” Say something like, “My feelings for you are perfervidly loud.”

5. Bewitching

Bewitching means enchanting or delightful. In its everyday usage, it refers to being so attracted to or interested in someone or something that they have the power to influence you

Bewitching is derived from the word “witch,” which refers to a woman thought to have magic powers and able to cast an evil spell on someone allowing her to control the person.

The word bewitching is more common than the other long words on this list. However, with its uniqueness of using an “evil” root word to describe something good, using it will make you stand out.

So, instead of using the regular “I love you so much, I’ll be your dummy,” dress it up with the 12-letter word “bewitchingly.” Say something like, “You’ve made me bewitchingly helpless.”

6. Pulchritudinously

Pulchritudinously means having great physical beauty. It is from the word “pulchritudinous,” which means physically beautiful.

Pulchritudinous is an adjective of “pulchritude,” derived from the Latin word pulcher, which means beautiful.

The long word “pulchritudinous” is a fanciful way of saying that someone or something is good-looking. It is not very common. So, you will instantly stand out when you use it instead of using related common words such as pretty, dazzling, comely, cute, etc.

So, instead of the regular “I love this pretty look,” dress it up with the 17-word pulchritudinously. Say something like, “Your pulchritudinously charming look has arrested me.”

7. Aphrodisiacal

Aphrodisiacal means relating to sexual love or arousing sexual desires. It is the adjective of the word “aphrodisiac”, which means something that arouses sexual desires.

The word “aphrodisiac” is derived from the Greek word “aphrodisiakon,” meaning belonging to (or from) Aphrodite. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the stunning Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and reproduction. So, anything “from Aphrodite” relates to love (especially sexual love).

In everyday use, “aphrodisiac” means something that boosts sexual desires and enhances sexual performance. So, the 13-letter word “aphrodisiacal” means relating to sexual love.

So instead of the traditional “Your lovely eyes are arousing,” dress it up with the long word “aphrodisiacal.” Say something like, “the aphrodisiacal glow of your eyes leaves me speechless.”

8. Attractiveness

Attractiveness, a noun form of the word “attractive,” refers to the ability to attract.

Attractive is a popular word that you probably know and use frequently. It is derived from the Latin verb “attrahere,” meaning to “pull towards.”

So, attractive literally means being pulled towards someone or something. The word “tractor” (an engineering vehicle that delivers tractive force to pull machinery) comes from the same Latin root word.

Since two persons must first be pulled to one another for love to blossom, “attractiveness” is a perfect long word about love. Use the 14-letter word when referring to something about someone that causes interest.

So, instead of the regular “I am drawn to you,” dress it up with the long word “attractiveness.” Say something like, “your attractiveness pulls me like a magnet towards you.”

Wrapping up

If you feel that the regular words about love do not carry enough weight to convey your feelings, the eight long words above can help you.

From the 10-letter word bewitching to the 17-letter word pulchritudinously, you can use these long words about love to transform your expressions of love from generic and ordinary to unique and impressive.

However, using these long words depends on learning and remembering the words and how to use them in sentences. Sadly, long words can be hard to learn and even harder to recall.

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