Scientists Discover New Type of Eye Movement

Scientists Discover New Type of Eye Movement

Scientists Discover New Type of Eye Movement

If you were ever introduced to speed reading, you are probably already familiar with two types of eye-movements – Saccadic and Smooth Pursuit.

A team of scientists from the University of Tübingen in Germany recently discovered a “new” type of eye movement which they refer to as Blink-Associated Resetting Movement (BARM).

This newly discovered eye-movement helps to reset the eye after it’s muscles twist while viewing moving objects. The reason we don’t notice the eye resetting itself this way is because it automatically happens when we blink.

Learning to read faster with better comprehension and improved recall involves training your eyes to move in a smooth pursuit across the printed page and minimize saccadic eye-movements.

The discovery that your eyes automatically “reset” themselves when blinking makes it clear why it’s easy to lose your focus and concentration while reading for extended periods of time – your eyes get tired.

You should be mindful of the different types of eye-movements when practicing speed reading because it will become more fluid and effortless for you.

These concepts are covered comprehensively in our Speed Reading Foundation Course, among various techniques which can help you read faster with better comprehension and recall.

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